Black Russian Recipe

black russian

Put the ice cubes in a medium sized glass, ideally a whiskey glass.

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Add the coffee liqueur.

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Next serve the vodka.

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Add the coffee liqueur.

Black Russian – recipe | Drinks of the World

(Filled with coca-cola)* optional.

Black Russian Cocktail Recipe

Receive a weekly email with new recipes Subscribe The Black Russian cocktail is a recipe made from coffee liqueur and vodka. Its preparation began in Brussels and over time it became popular all over the world until it became famous. So don’t wait and prepare this delicious cocktail, ideal for that special dinner.

The Black Russian known as the cocktail prepared from vodka and coffee liqueur which has a proportion of this name comes from the association between the final ingredient and the final black color which is of black origin. Today it is customary to serve in a highball glass, but at first it was served in a short glass.

On some occasions, cola was added. It is important to note that up to a dozen variants can result if coffee liqueur or cola is not used to add them to other drinks. It is also said that this famous cocktail was born in the Metropol hotel in Brussels in the year all this in the hands of the bar boss Gustave Tops who prepared the first black Russian dedicated to Perle Mesta for that time the United States ambassador in Luxembourg, known as a simple cocktail combined with vodka and coffee.

It should be noted that this recipe is of Portuguese origin and spread throughout America and all of Europe in the 1950s Black Russian Cocktail Recipe The Black Russian cocktail is the perfect cocktail to share that special dinner you have prepared. Ingredients 1 tumbler of Kalhua coffee liqueur 1 pack of ice cubes 1 tumbler of Smirnoff vodka Preparation Start by adding ice cubes to each glass.