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How to Choose Blonde Hair Colors

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Blonde hair colors for every skin To begin with, we must establish the difference between warm tones and cool tones. The first are the.

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22 blonde hair colors from gold to caramel 1. Honey blonde 2. Platinum blonde 3. beige blonde 4. Ash blonde 5. Strawberry blonde 6. Silver blonde 7.

How to choose the right shade of blonde according to your skin Not everything goes!

If you are thinking of lightening your hair, take a look at these colors and shades of blonde hair that are most popular in


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The best option is to consult a professional so that he can show us the color palette and advise which one best suits our physical features and hair color, since it is the base from which you are going to start. The way to achieve it depends on your color, if you have brown hair you can do it.

In these cases, it is important to maintain the hydration of the hair. Now, it has been Michelle Williams who has taken the platinum blonde to the highest levels of elegance. Platinum blonde tones are ideal for women with fair skin, offering a confident and sensual image. In fact, far from what many people think, eye color has little influence on this skin tone. Of course, if you decide on platinum blonde, you should know that its maintenance and care is continuous and complicated.

For platinum blonde tones it is non-negotiable to have hair always in perfect condition. To do this, after bleaching it, you must give yourself a restructuring treatment to recover the hair fiber due to the color change. It is also advisable to add a softening oil to your hair, to give it shine and strength.

Shades of blonde that are best with short hair And if platinum blonde tones are a trend, what about short blonde hair?. Interestingly, Miley Cyrus has been one of the great supporters of short blonde hair. The dirty blonde applies to the singer better than anyone else, and has managed to make it a trend worldwide. Of course, the way to wear it already depends on each person and the shape of their face. From the weathered cut, to the bangs up or all disheveled. Despite being short, the possibilities are endless.

But it is important that you keep in mind that hair color varies depending on a series of fundamental factors such as your base tone and the dyes that your hair has previously worn. Let’s imagine that we already have that perfect color, we apply it and when we see the results nothing fits with the color of our skin. This can happen if we do not take a series of factors into account, not only with our hair color, but also with the type of face and skin color that we have.

Blonde Tones for Fair Skin Women with very light skin have their best ally in a light blonde tone. Ash blondes and sand tones are also tones indicated for people with very light skin, since they favor them by highlighting the features of the face. Take a look: Caramel Blonde for Hair — The Color of Spring Summer A suitable haircut, like a garçon, looks stunning with a whiteish platinum blonde. In any case, there is an ideal blonde for any skin type, that blonde is honey blonde.

A color that illuminates without losing naturalness. Due to the type of skin you have, you can choose a wide variety of blonde tones, but you should avoid rigid blondes, that is, platinum blondes or a tone that is too yellow.

The best idea is to add honey-colored reflections to our look. With the reflections we will be able to draw attention to the features of the face, we also recommend you dye the eyebrows so that there is not much contrast. What blonde dye to choose Before knowing what blonde dye to choose, you should know that dyes can have nuances, this is coppery, golden, brown, iridescent-violet, ash.

A medium blonde with a coppery undertone would be: 7. Let’s go with an example: Copper medium golden blonde: 7. This is a medium blonde with a copper highlight on 4 and then a slight hint of gold. These shades may look almost the same on the tint box, but they change as you apply them. While if you want to see something more redheaded, the shade would be 4.

Blonde tones tend to look good on long, wavy or teased hair, like the one Hilary Duff often wears. The actress usually combines dark brown tones to bring more dynamism to the hairstyle, contrast and a carefree touch to a mane that, naturally and in her case, is smooth. This means that it is a medium blonde with a very light golden undertone since in second place there is a zero, and the 3 of gold goes in third place If it were an 8.

What shade of blonde to choose if I’m light brown You’re brown but you want to be blonde. Ok, no problem. But yes, be careful when choosing the shade of blonde, unless you don’t mind being noticed that you have dyed it. For girls with brown hair, the best option is gold. For light brunettes, it looks great to apply dark blonde highlights and then also golden highlights.

The toasted coconut can also be used as a highly recommended option. Many celebrities wear it and it brings a lot of light to the hair. What shade of blonde to choose if I’m brown When in doubt, honey-colored blonde suits everyone. There are other shades, such as caramel blonde, gold and deep gold, and copper.

Although we could also consider the blonde with a light mauve hue. If you are looking for this end, bet on the color honey and caramel. If you dare, gold is also worth it. Of course, before clicking to buy, remember that it is important to take into account the numbering and what we have indicated previously so as not to make mistakes in your choice. Garnier blonde dye — Extreme 8 Extreme permanent bleaching kit with floral oils of origin Optimal lightening power of up to 8 shades to achieve a blonde Ammonia-free formula with a delicate floral fragrance, Creamy texture