Blu Jerusalem

Gianluca Vacchi Changes His Look In Honor Of His Daughter Blu Jerusalema

The language in which Blu Jerusalema is learning to speak, and although Fonseca speaks Spanish from birth, the mother tongue of.

Roses Drawing

On October 27, Gianluca Vacchi and Sharon Fonseca welcomed Blu Jerusalema, their first daughter together.

With a father so passionate about cars, Blu Jerusalema would soon have his own, they just gave him a mini Range Rover.

"Blu Jerusalema was born with an unsealed palate, clinically known as a ‘cleft palate’", both indicated to Hola magazine.

Gianluca Vacchi announces that they operated on his baby Blu Jerusalema, just 5 months old – The NY Journal – The State

I love you Blu Jerusalem. I thank My Queen Sharon every day for this beautiful gift. @sharfonseca”.

All this while celebrating his 54th birthday

Gianluca Vacchi Sharon Fonseca and Blu Jerusalema enjoying a vacation at their home in Miami