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‘Blunt Bob’ Is The Haircut You Need To Ask Your Hairstylist

We could define the Blunt bob as the flattering short and blunt mane. This is a classic bob, without layers and without texture. The cut ends more or.

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It is a very flattering version of the bob cut that we have seen on women like Dua Lipa or Ana de Armas and that this is very popular.

Now that the good weather is here, the blunt bob is a perfect haircut to let your hair air dry (your poor mane.

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This term comes from the English words blunt (direct) and cut (cut). It is a new hair style that bets on the stocking.

20 ways to wear the ‘blunt bob’, the haircut you want to do

The most fashionable haircut of the year has a name: ‘blunt bob’. Celebrities like Rihanna, Beyonce or Gigi Hadid have already surrendered to him.

The length is the same all around. Both in the back and in front, it has the same length. has no layers. You can wear waves from the root of the hair or start them at the level of the ears. Wearing it plain is another of the strong trends, it is a perfect style for both formal and casual occasions. Can also be worn messy and slightly disheveled.

Use the front strands to frame your face for this look. This gives you a lot of movement. It can be worn smooth or with slight waves, creating a slightly disheveled effect. These can be of different lengths and density. The layers are found accompanying the entire perimeter of the hair.

They can achieve the balance between amount of hair and volume, making our hair look perfect. You can opt for smooth layers for a subtle look or layered to create a textured effect. This type of cut has many variants, for each type of hair and each personality. They can vary in length and density. If you have naturally curly hair, you should be careful with layered cuts.

A layered cut can be perfect for naturally straight hair because it reduces excess hair volume, but on curly hair it can have the opposite effect. A lot of styling techniques can be used to create the effect you want in your layered cut. You should also use good quality styling products for best results. This is why it is important to choose the best style of bangs according to the shape of the face.

For example, a thick fringe across the forehead is good for narrowing the face in the case of a wide forehead or a long face, but may not be suitable in a hairstyle that attempts to balance the width of the face in the case of a Round face. A blunt fringe accompanying a long Bob can look fabulous. In the case of round faces, long side or curtain bangs are recommended.

Asymmetrical Another strong style in is the asymmetrical Bob. It may interest you:.