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Bugambilias have several healing qualities. For these cases, it is recommended to drink hot Bugambilia tea three times a day.

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The bougainvillea is a flower of Brazilian origin whose properties are tea The bougainvillea flowers are edible and beneficial for your.

In addition to being a beautiful flower that adorns the streets of Mexico, the bougainvillea also has several medicinal effects.

Medicinal properties of the bougainvillea flower and how to take advantage of them

Benefits of bougainvillea It has natural antibiotic properties so it can be used to treat respiratory diseases. Reduces dry cough and.

Benefits of bougainvillea

Bugambilia: benefits and contraindications Fact checked Article has been checked for accuracy Content includes links to reputable media sites, academic research institutions, and occasionally medical studies. Despite being native to South America, it is grown in areas with tropical and subtropical climates. Likewise, it can relieve other associated discomforts, such as headache or abdominal pain.

Expectorant: There is scientific evidence that bougainvillea can also act as an expectorant. It is responsible for promoting the expulsion of secretions accumulated in the bronchi. Febrifuge: this means that it can be effective when fighting fever. Purgative: indicates that bougainvillea is ideal for eliminating toxic substances and waste found in the body.

Antidiabetic: according to a study published in the Mexican Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, bougainvillea is capable of inhibiting the oxidation of intestinal glucosidase, which reduces glucose levels after meals and confirms that it has antidiabetic activity.

Other properties that need to be highlighted include anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antipyretic, analgesic and antiseptic properties. Also read: 6 natural anti-inflammatories that you should know Benefits of bougainvillea Now, it is not surprising that the benefits of this plant are closely related to its properties. People who have done it say they feel immediate relief.

However, it is recommended to consult a doctor before starting to take it for this purpose. Treat different skin disorders: Bougainvillea is believed to be able to remove bacteria and toxins from the skin due to its antibacterial and purgative properties. Contraindications of bougainvillea Although it is considered safe to consume, bougainvillea could cause some side effects if consumed excessively.

It is recommended, in case of presenting any of these symptoms, to immediately discontinue its use and see a specialist. On the other hand, its intake is not recommended for children, pregnant or lactating women and patients with kidney disease, osteoporosis or liver disease.

You just have to make sure not to consume it in excess and suspend its use in case of adverse effects. Preparing a tea from this plant is not difficult at all. All you need is hot water and the flower.