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Another very appropriate hairstyle for women with long hair. Comb it into a big braid and then wrap it up to cover the entire part.

So make her a ponytail, but do it differently with a bun or braid. Look at the ideas we have for you.

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Check out these step by step typical and modern Mexican braids, to style girls with ribbons or a fun Mexican night.

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hairstyles for girls. Braided Pigtails Unlike the French or herringbone braid, root braids take longer to make and are.

15 adorable and quick hairstyles for girls – Child Stage

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15 different ways to do girls’ hair

Half Simulated Braid Sometimes it doesn’t take a very complicated hairstyle to make girls look pretty. Proof of this is this half braid on the side published by Ok Chicas magazine. Inverted mini pigtails Girls with short hair can also wear pretty hairstyles, this is an example published by the site Hairstyles.

These are inverted mini pigtails that have been made to one side, using thin light-colored rubber bands. It consists of two loose braids on both sides that come together in the center where they are fastened, in this case, with a bow. It is certainly an adorable hairstyle, perfect to wear on special occasions. Mini intertwined pigtails There are many ways to wear your hair down in an original way and this is one of them. It is a very simple hairstyle that consists of intertwining mini pigtails to form a kind of network with the hair.

Trio of inverted mini pigtails This hairstyle published on the Crafts and Creativity site is perfect to wear to a special event or to wear to school. Traditional Chignon Traditional hairstyles like this chignon featured in Ok Girls magazine never disappoint. It is a kind of central braid made from mini pigtails that end in a large medium ponytail. Twisted with a crown Sometimes beauty lies in simplicity, as is the case with this original hairstyle, ideal for girls with short hair to look beautiful at special celebrations.

Bow At first glance it may seem like a complicated hairstyle, but it is actually quite simple to do. In this case, the less tight hair gives the hairstyle a bohemian air, which comes in handy to wear on special occasions.