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More Than 70 Hairstyles With Braids Winter 2022

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Images of hairstyles with braids for girls. Doing a hairstyle for our princesses is often not easy because they are small, they like to have fun.

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+ 50 Hairstyles with Braids Winter

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Images of hairstyles with braids for girls

It’s a matter of experimenting. Braids are not synonymous with collected hair, especially in the case of girls with whom hairstyles are an excuse to continue having fun. Above we have a good example, with a kind of headband of formed braids, very pretty effects given by flower accessories and a huge amount of hair, most of it loose, taking advantage of the movement of that natural hair.

Then the endings can be with one tail, two or whatever you want. Braids to the side with clips or short ends to later leave the hair loose are an excellent option. As each hairstyle has its season, we can say that it is vital or very taken into account with the heat. The braids better withstand the sun, sweating, sand and water itself, whether salty or not. Another option is to generate a vertical and lateral crossing, leaving the hair loose.

In the image above we see that the hair or invisible bras are in tune with the look of the girl, which makes the hairstyle something beautiful. Braids, on the other hand, are an amazing hairstyle uniformer. The braids tighten, hold, which makes the hairstyle extremely resistant and collaborates in effects such as humidity, frizz, etc. Braids can culminate in beautiful buns.

In the image we have a high central bun, as the culmination of a simple crossing of braids. It is a kind of French style, but precisely with a very particular finish. If we want to leave them as princesses, the idea that we mentioned to you is a very good one. Even if the amount of hair is sufficient, you can also use buns. Also, with somewhat surly hair, it is an excellent way to give it shape, order, neatness and, as we said before because we are talking about girls, practicality.

High braids that form diamonds on the head and end with two beautiful buns. Sometimes the same drawings or series, so consumed by children, can give us a good idea of ​​what we want to do or what they want us to take advantage of with their hair.

The name of the style of the image above is collected with crossed pigtails. Girls can perform in their hair, if it allows it, the same styles as adult women. You can experiment, as long as the girl does not bother about it. That yes: it is a very resistant hairstyle.

Another example of a crossed braid with two ends that are two pigtails, in short. Waterfall braids are another possibility, especially when the girl has grown, abundant and strong hair. It can be accompanied to give it an effect with ribbons that follow one another closely, they are beautiful if they are combined with clothing, as in the photograph. We said that fashion appeals to hair with movement, so the example above can be very taken into account for your girls if it is an important holiday.

A beautiful example of a reverse braid, with a ponytail that starts from the top.

Change the look girls with African braids ,