Bread For Cake

bread cake

Torta de Pan 1 old hard baguette 1 liter milk 4 eggs grams butter 3/4 cup sugar 1 can condensed milk 14 oz. or g. 1 tsp.

One of the traditional Colombian recipes that I like to prepare the most is the Bread Cake with Rum and Raisins, a very simple dessert but no less.

With this teleras recipe you will get a bread with a thin and crispy crust and a juicy interior. It is the best bread to make Mexican cakes.

Teleras are a type of white bread that is soft and fluffy on the inside that is used to make cakes or as an alternative to accompany a dish.

Bread Cake – AntojandoAndo

The pancake can be made in many ways and one is better than another, all of them are exquisite. For Venezuelans who live in.

Tom Holland

SMS Well, just by looking at the pancake, it is necessarily my duty and a pleasure to tell you about my grandmother. I think I mentioned it earlier, but just in case. I remind you that I come from a very large family. My grandmother had 12 children. My grandfather always worked, so the one who was in charge of all domestic matters was my grandmother Isabel.

A small woman in stature, but strong and with a very big heart. And also, he had his temper. Because otherwise, I see no explanation. They did a lot of pilatunas and my grandparents didn’t even realize.

They had no time, no eyes everywhere to take care of each and everyone. But all without exception, they were raised perfectly. They studied, they worked, they made their lives, they had their own children. The food, they never lacked, for all there was and even left over. And I know, because in my grandparents’ house, there were always pots full of food.

They were no longer the 12 children, the family grew larger and like the miracle of the multiplication of the fish, the food also. nothing was wasted! If there was food left over, it was saved for the next day, to prepare a good heated! I particularly remember that they always had a freezer full of ice cream!

The juices of all kinds of fruit that were left over from lunch, or the chocolate that was left over from breakfast, became refreshing ice cream buckets. And of course, the stale bread had to be spent on something, thrown away, not even risky! I remember bags full of bread on the fridge. To remember and fill the heart and soul… And the aroma of the cake coming out of the oven reminds me that I have to prepare a good coffee to accompany this delicacy.

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