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Breeds With Pitbull Genetics, Photos And Characteristics

staffordshire bull terrier.

The four Pitbull type breeds are the American Pitbull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier, the.

american staffordshire terrier.

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american bully.

Breeds with Pitbull genetics, photos and characteristics

Pitbull is the name under which the type of dog descended from the breeds is recognized.

American Pitbull Terrier Possibly the best known and most widespread breed for being considered the original, among all types of current Pitbull dogs. Its physical appearance is that of a medium-sized dog weighing about thirty kilos. Standing forty centimeters tall and with a fairly athletic build, his hair is short and brown, mottled, white, or black. Being an important characteristic of the breed the famous white spot that they present on the chest. His temperament is affectionate at the family level, although very territorial and dominant with other dogs and unknown people.

Since it requires strong discipline and training. The Blue nose Pitbull is also a different line and well known for having the color of the gray truffle, as well as the color of its hair. Blue nose Pitbull American staffordshire terrier Colloquially known as American Stanford due to a mispronunciation, and often confused with the Staffordshire bull terrier. Within the different types of Pitbull this is an improved version of the well-known Pitbull terrier, it descends directly from it, but during the breeding work larger and stronger specimens were selected.

So at all levels, the Amstaff American Staffordshire terrier is a superior dog to the standard Pitbull. It can weigh up to forty kilos and even measure fifty centimeters at the withers, data that confirms its superior size.

It requires daily exercise, discipline and a healthy diet to keep it happy. American Staffordshire Terrier Staffordshire Bull Terrier Affectionately known as Staffy, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier has little to do with the Amestaff mentioned above. The character of the Staffy is very happy and smiling, even playful.

Among all the types of Pitbull this is a very active specimen so it loves to exercise, ideal for lovers of exercise, hiking or mountaineering. Colloquially known as the cone-face dog or shark dog, due to its elongated snout, it is a medium-sized dog that barely exceeds thirty kilos in weight.

As a companion dog, he is extraordinary, very attached to his family and somewhat stubborn. Chamucos Bull Terrier Raised in Mexico, it is known as the Mexican Pitbull although in reality, it is much smaller in size, although stronger and more muscular than the American Pitbull Terrier.

During the breeding work, the strongest specimens were always selected, giving rise to the Chamuco that we know today. Within the wide range of types of pit bulls this is small but very powerful. It is an extremely strong breed, not even a large person could hold it if it decides to pull on the leash to try to attack another dog or animal. So obviously, it is not really a recommendable breed, since it is difficult to control.

Chamuco Spike This type of Pitbull is very curious due to the colors of its hair, very similar to those of the Dalmatian with which it is suspected that it also shares genes. Of medium size, it barely exceeds twenty kilos in weight and its musculature has little to do with that of a Pitbull, although this does not mean that it is not a strong dog.

Spike Monster Blue It comes from the cross between the American Pitbull Terrier and the Neapolitan Mastiff, giving rise to a dog that is larger than the Pitbull, stronger, more muscular and also more aggressive if it does not receive adequate training. The puppies of this breed are also strong and impulsive, so their education must begin at a very early age. As a recommendation, it is necessary to feed it with high quality proteins so that it develops its muscles well.

Monster blue American Bully Obtained from the crossing of the American Pitbull Terrier and the Staffordshire terrier, it is a strong and muscular dog, with a physical appearance similar to the Monster Blue. Colloquially known as Bullypit, it can weigh up to fifty kilos and be up to forty-five centimeters tall at the withers.

As it is a physically very strong dog, we should not make the mistake of training it for aggressive purposes. At home he has a fairly calm demeanor, although on the street he is an earthquake who loves to walk, run and enjoy spending time outdoors enjoying the mountains, like almost all types of pit bulls. However, it is not excessively affectionate, so it requires education and training carried out by professional personnel.

The Colby is physically very similar to the Pitbull, somewhat wider in the snout, but maintaining very similar lines. It is characterized by being a smiling dog, when panting and totally involuntarily its lips acquire the characteristic shape of a smile that we can see in the photo. The Cobra is a medium-sized dog that can reach thirty-five kilos in weight, with up to forty centimeters in height at the withers.

Its main physical characteristic is its color, totally white. Specimens with light eyes are more in demand than those with dark eyes, although they are more likely to suffer from blindness due to cataracts. Native to the state of Texas, it shares many similarities with the Red nose. His head is somewhat large compared to his body, which although thin, is athletic and strong.

The color of his hair can vary a lot, white, brown, black and even with spots. Since it is not a stabilized breed, all kinds of variables are allowed. Medium-large in size, it is a dog that requires long walks but not exercise. Unlike the APTB, the Villaliberty line of dogs is less impulsive, that is, it does not show so much aggressiveness in an unjustified way. Although as with any other breed or derivation of the Pitbull, a good education is mandatory.

However, with good training and socialization, it can be a great family companion. Its weight oscillates thirty kilos in its adult age and barely reaches forty-five centimeters in height at the withers.

The color of his hair is usually brindle brown although many variables are allowed. We must keep in mind a few important facts before adopting a Pitbull or breed with Pitbull genetics, since the characteristics of these dogs are very peculiar.

To have a Pitbull or a derived breed, it is absolutely necessary to be mentally mature and have a lot of experience caring for and educating dogs. Pit bulls are very energetic, dominant and territorial dogs. This does not mean that they are dangerous, but it does mean that they are potentially dangerous if they do not receive adequate education.

Many of the types of Pitbull that we have mentioned require a PPP license to be able to adopt them. We must never educate them with violence, nor incite them to be violent. We must train them conscientiously, being the most advisable to go to a professional dog trainer. We must be cautious if we already have another dog or animal in the home. We must follow a series of mandatory rules, such as the use of a muzzle in those considered PPP, take out insurance, etc…

The cost of maintenance is high. Although many of them are nicknamed nanny dogs, we should never leave them alone with small children. Socializing them from puppies is essential, however many of them by law cannot be loose, not even in canine recreation areas, much less without a muzzle.