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The Romances Of Luis Miguel That Yes (and What NOT) We Will See In His Series

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The series largely addresses the mystery about one of Luis Miguel’s brothers. As in the first installment, in this one we will be able to see the strong brotherly bond that exists between the two, with their respective complications when unraveling some of the mysteries surrounding the singer’s life, such as the death of his mother and the custody of his brother. Sergio.

Considering the chronology in which the beginning of season 2 takes place in the early nineties, it is very likely that this new installment confronts Luis Miguel with the loss of his manager at Netflix Jack Duarte, known for his participation in Rebelde, se incorporated in the second season of the series playing a fictional version of the singer Cristian Castro, who during the nineties enjoyed a real boom.

They can refer to Patricia Manterola or Pilar Montenegro, two singers who were part of the group at that time. Netflix Patricio Robles is a new character introduced in the second season of Luis Miguel, the series, played by Pablo Cruz Guerrero.

In the life of the Mexican artist, there are no managers or producers associated with this name, however, the actor himself who gives life to Robles commented that his character was inspired by several people who went through the life of the singer. It is thought that it could be a reference to Mauricio Abaroa, who led his career at the death of Hugo López. Regarding Mauricio Ambrosi, it is not clear if it is the real name of a former manager of Luis Miguel.

The character played by the Spaniard, Fernando Guallar, could also take his inspiration from Mauricio Abaroa, because in the series we see that Ambrosi is in charge of taking the singer’s shows at the beginning of the years, serving as his trusted figure.

Played by Teresa Ruiz, she acts as an auditor of Luis Miguel’s finances when he acquires his vineyard. After the guitarist’s collaborations with Cristian Castro A. They were seen together at the Oscars of the year Although their appearance is brief, their arrival in Mexico is shown trying to be represented by Alex McCluskey during the nineties.

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