Broomstick Exercise

What Your Broomstick Can Do In Your Workouts

Elbows back Standing with your back straight, take the.

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Separate your feet to the height of your shoulders. Keeping your back straight, place the broomstick behind your head, resting it on the top.

20 simple exercises with the broomstick for buttocks, abdomen and legs · 1. Squat 2. Dynamic squat 3. Lifting 4. Stride 5. Stride.

Exercise 1. Hold the broomstick at shoulder height. With your legs apart, do three sets of 10 squats, the crossbar.

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It can be used to improve mobility, build stability, improve your ability to express power and even get a pretty impressive cardio workout. What your broomstick can do in your workouts Here’s how a broomstick could replace gym equipment if you’re doing your workout at home.

It’s also good for helping emphasize certain movements, giving shape and direction to mobility exercises, and helping to point out sticking points and imbalances. The main exercises with brooms are very helpful for mobility. Shoulders: Put the broom on them and squat down. Then rotate at the hips, turning as far as you can in each direction. On the hips: Place the broom just above the hip bones and twist one side then the other.

This one is particularly difficult because you can’t use the broomstick to pull the turn, you have to do it yourself. Windmills with broomsticks We will see three variations. Bend at the hips until your upper body is parallel with the ground, then touch one end of the broomstick to the ground. If you can’t, try to get the broom upright.

Squat Windmill: Stay in your squat with the barbell across your shoulders. Squat down to your normal depth and then twist to the point where the broom reaches the floor or ground, with the broom vertical. Don’t compromise shoulder posture. If you have a preference for a special grip, use that. Brooms can be particularly effective in promoting improved shoulder and upper back and chest mobility.

And you can fix it with a broomstick. Broomstick Mobility and Body Stability — Workouts We can also use broomsticks to build mobility specifically in the shoulder girdle, using dislocators. Dislocate Start with a wide grip. Grab the broomstick in a double overhand grip, and lower it to your hips, then lift it up above. Most people habitually rotate either internally or externally to some extent, usually internally, so you may find that you have to keep adjusting your arm position to start.

Raise your shoulders slightly and keep your arms straight throughout the movement. Move in a slow, controlled manner and try to do three to four minutes of this exercise continuously. It’s amazing how much of a difference it can make to your mobility in just a few minutes. Slowly press out from above and return to the original position.

Put your head, hips and as much of the rest of your spine as you can against the wall, press your knuckles into the wall and don’t let your elbows touch, then press slowly and feel for instability. If you can do this without instability you can try it with an empty bar and if it works you can fully add Klokov presses to your workout. If you’re comfortable with Olympic lifts, try doing timed sets of broomstick cleans and jerks — an old-school favorite of warm-ups for the real thing, and a proper intense cardio session.

It sounds silly, but most people stop laughing in about two minutes. Five minutes of broomsticking is enough for most mid-level people.

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