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The Sad Reason Why Evan Peters Is Quicksilver In ‘WandaVision (Scarlet Witch And Vision)’

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Pietro Maximoff aka Quicksilver is a fictional superhero appearing in comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character first appeared.

Little-known details of the brotherhood between Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch

If you’ve seen every Marvel movie, or at least every one that Wanda Maximoff is in, you already know that Wanda had a brother, Pietro.

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back to evil

Discover some of the little-known facts in the history of these two brothers, who have participated in important feats in the history of La Casa de las Ideas From villains to heroes Marvel Comics These characters debuted as villains, accompanying Magneto and his evil brotherhood of mutants, to combat the group commanded by Professor Charles Xavier.

However, in the twins there was a sense of gratitude towards Magneto after he saved Wanda from being killed by a population. Far from being villains, the twins shared a strong sense of ethics, which caused them to abandon the path of villainy, and subsequently joined the Avengers. Back to evil Marvel Comics Magneto sought to convince the twins to return to his side, a proposal that both initially declined, but after a battle with the Avengers, Wanda was injured, which made Quicksilver hate humanity, with which he returned to the master of magnetism.

But this brief return to evil was until Wanda regained her powers, so they both returned to the ranks of the Avengers. While Pietro falls in love with Crystal, an Inhuman, Wanda begins an affair with Vision, something Quicksilver is adamantly opposed to. A new brotherhood of mutants Marvel Comics The twists of fate reunited Quicksilver and Scatlet Witch in an evil new brotherhood of mutants.

Pietro was deceived by Crystal and Scatlet Witch did not take the decision to disarm Vision in a good way, considering him a threat, thus ending their concept of family. This series of events led the Maximoff brothers to swear revenge against humanity, but Pietro was a secret agent of the Avengers and managed to discover that the villain Immortus controlled Wanda’s mind.

While Magneto and Quicksilver take care of Wanda, the X-Men and the Avengers come together to decide to eliminate Wanda, Pietro tells his sister what the heroes plan to do. Wanda became so angry that she sought to remove Gene X from mutants. Divided by Civil War Marvel Comics The Maximoff brothers suffered a devastating blow by taking different sides in the framework of Civil War II, where Ulysses, an inhuman capable of seeing the future, generates conflicts between Captain Marvel who wanted to use him to prevent crimes, and Iron Man, who was not in favor of the idea of ​​anticipating the facts.

Quicksilver sided with Iron Man, while Wanda was in favor of Captain Marvel, and was annoyed that her brother wanted to decide for her what she should do. Gabriel Torres Mexican communicologist with experience in digital media and sports journalism. He makes his foray into SMASH, where comics, movies and trends are topics that are not alien to him.