Brothers Of Evaluna Montaner

Evaluna Mercedes Reglero Rodríguez, better known as Evaluna Montaner, is a Venezuelan actress and singer.

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VENEZUELA.- Evaluna Montaner surprised her followers by sharing some black and white images where her brother Ricky Montaner is seen.

Evaluna Mercedes Reglero Rodríguez (Caracas, August 7), better known as, along with her brother Rubén (Sebastián Silva), are trapped in

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They are children of Ricardo Montaner, brothers of the singer and actress Evaluna and brothers-in-law of Camilo. Discography[edit]. Main article: Annex:Discography of Mau y.

Does Evaluna Montaner have a twin sister?? Look who it is

In addition to Ricardo, Evaluna, Mau, Ricky, and yes, Camilo, these are the other members of the Montaner clan.

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Mau and Ricky, Camilo – La Boca (Official Video)