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Masks With Coffee That Will Give Shine, Length And Youth To Your Hair

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Coffee for hair: tricks for healthier hair | Elizabeth

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Coffee mask to make hair shine

They have a higher level of testosterone, which, when converted into its activated version called DHT, attacks the hair follicle and progressively destroys it. Women with a high level of testosterone may experience this same effect. Caffeine in hair has the ability to inhibit the effects of DHT.

In these particular cases, coffee for hair could help stimulate growth and delay hair loss. This is why it is considered that in some cases the use of coffee for hair loss could be beneficial. Additionally, the stimulating properties of caffeine increase blood flow to the scalp. Among the compounds of this product derived from the coffee seed, there are a series of flavonoids and other antioxidant substances that reduce the damage caused by free radicals and promote hair regeneration.

You have probably heard that this drink is diuretic and makes us lose fluids. This does not mean that coffee consumption also reduces hair hydration. Quite the opposite: while in the kidney it accelerates the release of water, in the hair it increases circulation and retains the hydration of the scalp.

How to use coffee for hair Whatever your goal is when using caffeine for hair, you can try any of the following four methods to add this ingredient to your everyday beauty routine. Capillary wash with coffee To carry out a capillary wash with coffee, we recommend preparing 1 or 2 cups of this drink.

After filtering it and allowing it to cool down, apply it carefully to the entire scalp with the help of a spray bottle. Do this after your hair wash routine and let sit for 20 minutes after a gentle hair massage. You can even mix the coffee with your usual conditioner to achieve better results and facilitate its penetration into the hair follicle.

Apply them giving a gentle massage to exfoliate the scalp based on coffee and other totally natural ingredients. In this case, we will use coffee powder, using equal parts a tablespoon of coffee, honey and oil. After making a paste of the ingredients, apply it to your hair in circular motions and let sit for 20-40 minutes.

Coffee in hair products Another option is to buy hair products with coffee as an essential ingredient. This type of product uses coffee extract or caffeine, which is combined with other natural or synthetic ingredients to achieve an adequate proportion that facilitates its use.

Coffee consumption It is always possible to choose to increase your coffee consumption to increase the presence of caffeine in the body. Final suggestions It is beneficial to use coffee for hair, since two of its main components contribute to capillary health: Caffeine, which reduces damage caused by the conversion of testosterone into DHT and increases blood circulation in the hair, improving the absorption of nutrients and vitality of the hair Flavonoids, which promote hair regeneration and recovery Do not hesitate to include coffee in your hair care routine, either with masks or products that include it.

Caffeine is not only good for waking up in the morning before leaving for work. If your hair loss is very advanced, coffee may not work miracles.