Bt21 Who’S Who

What Are BT21 And Who’s Who Of BTS?

TATA, created by V. CHIMMY, created by Jimin. ・RJ, created by Jin. · KOYA, created by RM. MANG, created by J-Hope. · SHOOKY, created by Suga.

Maluma's ex-girlfriend

These are the eight BT21 characters, their characteristics, personality and who created them. meet them! TATA (the super curious). From the planet BT.

I like this: · Line · RJ (created by Jin) · SHOOKY (created by Suga) · MANG (J-Hope) · KOYA (created by RM) · CHIMMY (created by Jimin) · TATA .

causes for those who need it most and carrying messages of hope to the whole world; there are many facets of BTS that we can admire.

BT21 Van | BT21 Universe series character created by BTS

BT21 is the first introduction to LINE Friends Creators, a project formed to create new characters for the Line Friends series.

Who is BT21 Van?

Each member took their time to create a character that would not only make ARMY fall in love, but also everyone who sees them. We think they did a good job of creating these characters. To spread love, TATA decides to become a star. CHIMMY enjoys wearing a yellow hoodie and is born with a passion to work hard at everything, no matter what.

RJ, created by Jin. RJ loves to cook and eat. Exceptionally bright and talented KOYA. Sleeper full of beautiful thoughts at bedtime. COOKY hopes to break out of the stereotypes of cherubic appearance and become strong.

VAN, created by RM.