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BTS ARMY Phenomenon: A "fandom" Decentralized, Organized And For Some Revolutionary

Jungkook: 24 years old.

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For you to celebrate the birthday of each member of BTS, according to South Korean customs, here we tell you how old they are.

Park Ji-min: 25 years old.

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J-Hope: 27 years old.

BTS ARMY: decentralized, organized and for some revolutionary

Below are the ages and real names of the members of the famous group BTS from South Korea that started on June 13,

Who are BTS and what is the ARMY?

Main rapper RM is clearly the bandleader sensation of the moment. The youngest of them is Jungkook. Below are the ages of the BTS members with their respective birthdays. Jin: 28 years old. Born December 4 Suga: 28 years old. Born on March 9, J-Hope: 27 years old. Born February 18 Namjoon: 27 years old. Born on September 12 Jimin: 26 years old. Born October 13 Taehyung: 25 years old. In a few days it’s V’s birthday. Jungkook was born on December 30: 24 years old.

Born on September 1, Jin is the oldest of BTS. These are the characteristics that make him a leader: He initially became a leader because he was the first of the members recruited by Big Hit to form the band BTS in He is fluent in English and Japanese, apart from his native Korean language.

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