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WHAT ARE THE DATES OF BIRTH OF THE MEMBERS OF BTS? December 4, 26 years February 18, 25 years 25 years 13.

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Real name: Jung Ho Seok (). ; Nickname: Hobi, Sunshine, Golden hyung, Hope. ; Date of birth: February 18, ; Birthplace.

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BTS: In which cities in Korea were the members of the band born Jungkook and Jimin were born in the second most populous city in Korea, Busan.

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BTS PENDANT WITH DATE OF BIRTH. $, 3 installments without interest of $, 10% discount paying with cash. See payment methods.

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White lilies represent purity and red roses passion. Depending on the moment in history or culture, some flowers are associated with life and birth and others with death and pain. In Asia, there are flowers for each day of the year. Some idols have once mentioned their birth flower and Jungkook from BTS has his tattooed on his arm. For this reason, today we bring you the birth flowers of the members of BTS and the meaning of each one.

In fact, they are climbers so they look very nice on stone walls. Some of these types grow in Spain and both in our country and in others it has been classified as an invasive species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Sometimes it is associated with an almost maternal figure that conveys care and concern. Yes, for being born on March 9, Suga has a flower named after the pimp from the sixtuplets from the Pierrot studio. This type of pine has a very resistant wood and its leaves are light green but in autumn they turn yellow or orange.

As the leaf is evergreen, it is associated with immortality in many cultures. We think Suga fits him perfectly. They are all very different but there is something they all share: they are poisonous. In fact, in Victorian times these flowers were given to people who you considered fulfilled these characteristics. The spiraea are very resistant plants, with simple and small leaves and their flowers can be of many colors: white, pink or red.

The spirae symbolize prosperity due to their ability to strongly resist atmospheric conditions and also insects. Yellow in color and sometimes with red spots, Chimonanthus praecox offers its best aroma in winter. This is very rare because we are used to smelling the flowers in spring or maybe in summer.

Jungkook has it tattooed on his arm and it is the flower of people who were born on September 1. In many Western cultures, the tiger lily is a symbol of prosperity and fortune. In fact, the black dots on its petals resemble coins. They are generally associated with pride and confidence, which can sometimes be confused with arrogance or vanity.

This flower enhances the traits that have been associated with men throughout life but that also define women.