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When Is The Birthday Of The Members Of BTS?

BTS members’ ages Jungkook: 24 years old. RM: 27 years. Jin: 29 years old. · Park Ji-min: 25 years old. J-Hope: 27 years old. V: 26 years old. Sugga.

To commemorate another year of life of the Bangtan member, we tell you all the details that ARMY should know about Park Jimin.

How old were the members of BTS ? Jungkook is 23 years old RM is 26 years old Jin is 28 years old Park Ji-min is 24 years old J-.

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What is the Korean age of the members of BTS? Jungkook: September 1 V: December 30 Park Ji-min: October 13.

When is the birthday of the members of BTS? | Journal Value

Also, it is natural that one of the first things you want to find out is when each of the members has a birthday. If you are a fan of BTS,.

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South Korean law says all 28-year-old men must enlist, but BTS plans to extend that deadline until December. BTS previously received permission to postpone their enlistment until age 30 because they won the Hwagwan Award for the group’s efforts to spread the word. korean culture and language around the world.

This permission mainly benefits Jin, who is the oldest member of the group and would be turning 30 in December If the postponement were not allowed, the artist would already have to enlist in the army next month. Remembering that in South Korea the age count is done in a different way. For Koreans, when you are born you are already one year old. This is because they round off the nine months of pregnancy. In the case of Jin, next December he turns 29 years of international age, thus exceeding the enlistment deadline.

It is compulsory for all South Korean citizens to enlist in the military from the age of 18, however, the start date may be delayed until The period of service for the South Korean Army and Infantry Navy is 21 months, Air Force is 24 and Navy is 23 months. On the other hand, for non-active service, it is 24 months for those who are dedicated to social work or international cooperation, 34 months for industrial technical personnel and 36 months for those who complete their service as doctors, veterinarians, researchers, lawyers, etc.

Enlistment in military service is mandatory for all male citizens of the country, however, those who are not in good health can complete their service through non-active duty.