Bts Members Birthday

Who Is Jin, The BTS Singer Who Celebrates His Birthday?

V turns 26 and to celebrate it, his fans placed a giant doll of the BTS member in Korea wearing a suit from "The game of.

Jin, born on December 4, is a member of BTS. Due to his physical attractiveness he is known as ‘Worldwide Handsome’.

Jimin, a member of BTS, will have his birthday this October 13 and his fans will celebrate this day with different activities with which they seek.

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It is curious that the birthdays of the members of BTS are concentrated between the first and last months of the year.

Jimin from BTS turns 26 and this is how ARMY will celebrate it in

BTS celebrates a member’s birthday and another number 1 in the US. USA. PHOTO: Efe. Their singer and dancer Jin reached the age of 28.


~BTS~ J-Hope’s Birthday!