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QUIZ: Which BTS Member Are You Most Compatible With??

QUIZ: Which member of BTS would fall in love with you and why?? Nickelodeon Latam. Created by Nickelodeon Latam (User Generated Content.

QUIZ: What will the BTS members give you for Christmas?? Today is a special day and the Christmas spirit entered me, that’s why I decided.

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If you are an army you have to know these 9 songs. Test bts what album would you be from. guess the bts song in seconds hard. 7 video

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The K-Pop group debuts the "B-side" from "dynamite" and it’s already a success. Show everything you know about the South Korean band in this test.


Question 8 of There was a job It’s still 2am, I have time left 3. I have finished it since 4 days ago. almost got it done 5. Question 9 of I have to write this on my blog I would reflect and try to learn for the next 7. I’m fine, but I have many things to do, leave me alone Question 10 of A trip, we can create memories together 2. A song or something handmade, to remind him of me 3.

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