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adventures with bangtan and they are not exactly excursions. \n\n\n\n\nAccording to your zodiac sign you will have sexual adventures with some members of BTS.

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius. Singer Jin was baptized.

Bangtan and their zodiac signs: Who are you compatible with? · Jin (Kim Seok-jin) Sagittarius: Jin is the eldest of the group, he was born on December 4.

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What are the zodiac signs of the members of BTS?: Jimin is a Libra, J-Hope is an Aquarius, Taehyung is a Capricorn, Suga is a Pisces, Jin is.

How compatible are you with Jungkook according to your zodiac sign??

The BTS member has a birthday on September 1, so he is governed under the sign of Virgo. His year of birth, , corresponds to the Ox in the Chinese Horoscope, so he has very good fortune. However, his peers have chosen him as the best when it comes to girls, they even believe that he could be the first to marry. Jungkook is governed under the sign of Virgo, which defines him as a shy, perfectionist and analytical person.

They are also very demanding, so it is not surprising that he is called the Golden Maknae for succeeding in everything he sets his mind to. Astrology studies how zodiacal signs influence our way of being, our personal relationships, energy and even our tastes. The singer of BTS shares compatibility with some signs, find out if yours connects with Jungkook. Aries has a low compatibility, since Virgo constantly seeks perfection.

Taurus Both signs share the Earth element, so they are compatible. Jungkook, being demanding like a Virgo, can cause misunderstandings, but Taurus knows how to respond. Gemini If you are of this sign, you share the planet Mercury with Jungkook. However, their compatibility is very low, since Virgos are perfectionists and look for any mistake, your patience could not with this personality. Leo Your compatibility with Jungkook under this sign is not very good, since they both have difficult personalities.

Virgo is critical, while Leo is modest and carefree. Virgo If you share a zodiac sign with Jungkook, they can work as they share the same way of thinking; however, to have compatibility they must have a lot of patience, since they are perfectionists and always seek to be right. Scorpio Although their elements, earth and water are compatible, in reality these signs clash a lot with each other. Virgo is very analytical and critical, Scorpio is somewhat jealous and territorial, so it would be a problem.

They are guided by responsibility, discipline, something that is compatible with the demands and perfection of Virgo. It is the opposite of Virgo, so they have a good compatibility, since despite its criticism, Pisces knows how to respond and be patient. Aquarius Its elements, earth and wind, are not compatible at all. Aquarius is usually carefree in certain things, so it can cause Virgo annoyance, since this sign can see things as exaggerated or ridiculous.