Bugambilia Tea What Is It For?

Have you tried everything and the cough does not stop? Bougainvillea Tea As An Ally Against This Condition

That is why bougainvillea tea is used to treat various diseases or ailments such as the flu, bronchitis, cough, fever, stomach discomfort.

We tell you why you should drink bougainvillea tea not only when you have a cough or Although it is a sun plant, it needs certain care to reach.

If you have throat discomfort do not stop preparing this delicious tea with flowers and cinnamon, leave for 3 minutes, remove from heat, strain and serve.

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Learn about the properties of bougainvillea tea, what it is for and how you can make it at home easily and correctly. ad. There are many drinks to.

Bougainvillea tea: a great remedy to relieve cough | What can I drink?

Drink this bougainvillea tea at the first sign of a tickle in your throat and you won’t regret it. It is an essential home remedy to combat colds.

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Depending on where it is, it is called Santa Rita, veranera, papelillo, napoleĆ³n, bougainvillea or trinitaria. Although there are other less common tones such as red, yellow, pink and white. Bougainvillea care If you have this plant at home you must take care of it. And don’t overdo it with water, because it weakens. Find a middle ground so that it is hydrated. And do not forget to prune it, because it is a climber and grows a lot. For this, you can help her by putting wires or ropes against the wall that you want to cover so that they are guided.

By having this plant at home, you can enjoy its properties when you need it. Properties of bougainvillea tea Bougainvillea tea is a very effective natural remedy for cough, as well as for other respiratory conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, flu and whooping cough. This is one of its great benefits and this plant is famous for it.

With its expectorant properties, it helps eliminate mucus lodged in the upper respiratory tract larynx, pharynx, bronchi. Balance the digestive system depending on what you need. For example, if you have diarrhea you should consume its leaves to reduce symptoms. If you suffer from constipation, use the roots that have a laxative effect. This cleans inside and makes the organs work better by detoxification. It also has antiseptic properties.

On the skin, it fights acne, infections and peeling. Syrup with bougainvillea can also help you counteract cough symptoms, and if it is combined with another herb such as hedera helix, the effect is enhanced. Although bougainvillea tea is taken for cough, this beautiful plant has other benefits for you. Prepare a bougainvillea tea You can enjoy its benefits through an extract.

To make a natural cough tea, you must cut the bougainvillea flowers and clean them perfectly. you just need water. Boil a cup of water in a saucepan. When it boils, turn off the heat and add 4 or 5 bougainvillea flowers.

Let stand for a few minutes so that the water is impregnated with the essence of the flowers. If you are going to drink it, serve it in a cup and add a little honey to sweeten it. You just have to be careful not to exceed the necessary dose.

In general, it is recommended that you take it for 3 days and take a week off.