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Calculation of the natal chart online. Position of planets in signs and houses, planetary aspects, astrological ascendant.

Home Planet Jupiter 17°36’08" 4»5 Node N (m) 16°08’43"R1 Lilith (m) 23°48’21" 11 Planet Aspect Planet Orbs Sun Uranus ° (S) Sun Chiron ° (A).

Natal Chart, your Natal chart online and free, do not pay or wait to get it, Astrology The Arcana, Horoscope, Zodiac.

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Calculate your birth chart online to know the position of the planets when you were born and use it as a self-discovery tool.

Natal chart free online

Calculate your birth chart for free. Free online astrology reading: Ascendant; Planets in signs; Planets in houses; horoscope form; Exploration.

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How to Calculate a Natal Chart