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Thalía’s niece, Camila Sodi, spent the night in the ER

In it she plays a young intellectual who enters the same "academy for ladies" than to escape from the control that her mother exercises.

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The story began when Camila Sodi and Diego Luna shot together Sodi, 20 years old, began to win because she was a very young woman.

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Camila Ía González Sodi (born 14 May ) is a Mexican singer, actress and model. She is the niece of the singer and actress Thalía and a of the.

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Camila Sodi is one of the most beautiful women in the entertainment industry, from a very young age thanks to her physical and undeniable appearance.

Thalía’s niece, Camila Sodi, spent the night in the emergency room – La Vibra

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From modeling to acting After working for several years as a model, Sodi presents herself as a young promise for the screens when at the age of 16 she ventures into hosting a music magazine on the Telehit channel. Of course, this was never confirmed, neither by Camila, nor by Valentino. Camila has preferred to remain silent. We can remember that at that time Camila was already 18 years old and she was a girl compared to Valentino in terms of the age difference, but his words described in Jacky’s book speak of men being like animals, and that his instinct was able to contradict his feelings.

Nothing to write home about since they were both young at the time. Unfortunately it was not a time of social networks and little is found of them. They ended without reasons This relationship was quite far from the media, the reason for the breakup was never really known. The romance between Chema and the actress began in him and then simply disappeared over the years. Diego Luna crushed her That same year they were seen at a gala in France, where their courtship was confirmed.

The love was too evident between them, the fans of both loved them. It was a very beautiful moment for the couple. Straight to the altar Although they met in the year , the actors remained tight-lipped when talking about their personal life, but it would be on February 5 that the couple joined in civil marriage in an intimate ceremony. Straight to the altar At the beginning of the it was learned that both would become parents for the first time.

A second surprise After spending some time away from the spotlight, on July 1, Camila and Diego became parents again when they welcomed their beautiful daughter, Fiona. An unexpected divorce After five years of appearing to be happily married, Camila Sodi and Diego Luna announced their divorce through a press release in the year Shortly after her separation from the father of her children, Camila was seen leaving a hotel boutique in the Roma neighborhood with actor Chema Torre, with whom she had had a relationship before meeting Diego Luna.

Obviously, the reactions and conjectures did not wait, so almost immediately there was talk that the ex-partner was in the middle of a reconciliation. Chema’s response As a consequence of the accusations, Chema asked somewhat annoyed that they no longer continue to associate him with his ex-partners and flatly denied any possible love relationship with his ex-partner Camila Sodi. Suspicions of Diego’s infidelity Some names of women were even mentioned with whom the press began to blame Diego for an alleged infidelity to Sodi.

Among the names came out that of Pamela Manzur. Yes, there was much speculation about a possible relationship between Sodi and actor Osvaldo Benavides. Everything is for friendship Although Sodi and Benavides did not confirm the relationship, sources close to the hypothetical couple revealed that it was he who did not decide to continue the romance. Due to the friendship between Benavides and Diego Luna. Apparently, because Diego Luna, his friend since childhood, did not agree very much. It was then that friendship prevailed over wanting to continue with Luna’s ex.

The soccer player and the Spanish journalist planned to get married the following summer, but obviously the wedding was canceled. However, we cannot blame Camila for this, as Lucía commented to a magazine that since her previous health problems, she did not feel supported by Chicharito. Both claimed to have very busy and different schedules. It was a fleeting love Once the soccer player found a new partner, Camila Sodi published a message that has been interpreted as a mockery of the new relationship that the soccer player would be starting.

Michel and Camila were just a dream Although many would have liked the rumor to be true, and various media echoed this, the truth is that it was never confirmed by the parties involved. The press immediately began to associate them with their great on-screen chemistry. A new Diego The artistic fusion between the two was phenomenal. Sodi came to praise the interpreter of the Sun of Mexico in his role and both commented messages with great affection on social networks.

The confirmation that the press was looking for But although they were caught by the lens of the press, and many doubts had been cleared, none mentioned that they were dating when they were approached to talk about their romance. Some thought that they had finished, others that they were still together and many that there was never really a relationship. Sodi’s confirmation After this shouted confession, the fury for all those who had bet because they had been together was quite great.

As a result of their joint participation in the False Identity series, Camila Sodi and Luis Ernesto Franco were romantically related. After the publication, the reactions of the followers did not wait. And boy were they very close. It seems that since her separation from Diego Luna, Camila has not had the best luck in love. This year has been important by playing Rubí in the new release of the fortune hunter novel. This actress has contributed to the expansion of productions made in Mexico with the excellent interpretation and energy in her roles.

The important thing is to learn from mistakes We can do nothing but wish you the best of luck so that you find your true soulmate, someone who corresponds to your personality, talent and accompanies you to continue promoting your family and your career.