Camilo Is The Son Of Ricardo Montaner

Ricardo Montaner contradicts Camilo and Evaluna: "I think it’s a girl"

Camilo is the "son" consented by Ricardo Montaner. The hierarch of the Montaner clan shared a series of photographs next to the husband of his.

Ricardo Montaner revealed secrets of his family, when will Indigo, son of Evaluna and Camilo, be born? and I talk about the wedding of Ricky Montaner and.

Enough has been said about Indigo, the son that Evaluna Montaner and Camilo Echeverri are expecting, since both.

Matte Effect Nails

Through a video, Ricardo Montaner announced the date on which his grandson Indigo will be born. Camilo Echeverry and Evaluna Montaner have not given.

"It was going to be impossible": the real reason why Evaluna could not have children

On one side are his children Evaluna, Alejandro, H├ęctor, Mauricio and Ricardo. On the other hand, their respective girlfriends and boyfriends who, apparently, the.

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