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The daring photo for which Ricardo Montaner called Camilo and Evaluna’s attention

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The Venezuelan singer made it clear that he loves his son-in-law and was encouraged to publish various photos with him on his social networks.

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PHOTO: The intimate photograph that Camilo shared with Evaluna and then deleted | Salvadoran News

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Ricardo Montaner’s comment generated laughter among fans of Evaluna and Camilo

His comment went viral on Twitter to his colleague, who continued to be a trend this Thursday. In the interview with La Posta, Ortiz pointed out that Dr. Albuja is not an expert in matters related to covid, a comment that had already surfaced in February when he criticized information on the coronavirus and the saturation of information on his Twitter account. oxygen. When I was a child we used to see Dr. Albuja..".

Doctor Esteban Ortiz points out that he has no problems with his colleague:. In CastigoDivino , the research doctor, Esteban Ortíz, assures that, despite being a pioneer of medical disclosure, Dr. Albuja does not know about Covid. Whether or not he is right, his statements seem very reckless to me. There are doctors and the one who gives a good diagnosis does not belittle or speak ill of the other, he only focuses on helping to achieve recovery and that should have been focused on the health of all of us".

In good time that Dr Ortiz has said it". Typical of Ecuadorians. You can say it in private. Ortiz’s statements also generated memes and "surveys" about who of the two is the better doctor or specialist on the covid issue. Let’s define this in a civilized way. If you get sick, which doctor would you go to?? Ortiz pic.