Camilo’S Father-In-Law

The error in Camilo’s message to his father-in-law caused all kinds of ridicule on social networks

Héctor Eduardo Reglero Montaner, known by his stage name Ricardo Montaner, is an Argentine singer-songwriter, naturalized Venezuelan, Colombian and Dominican.Throughout his career he has sold more than 25 million records.The peak of his.

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Before becoming a pop star and going viral on social media for his music and the videos he uploads with Evaluna, Camilo.

Camilo Echerry revealed what Ricardo Montaner is like as a father-in-law, remembering the words the musician told him when he asked for Evaluna’s hand.

Camilo says that his father-in-law, Ricardo Montaner, "has two faces". The Colombian singer expressed himself about his wife’s famous father.

Camilo reveals what Ricardo Montaner is like in his role as father-in-law at home – La Vibra

The interpreter of ‘Expensive Clothes’ responded to a publication by his father-in-law, Ricardo Montaner, but wrote ‘I admire’ instead of ‘I admire’.

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