Carambola Fruit How To Eat

Carambola Fruit Healing Properties And Health Benefits

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Cut the carambola into slices and eat it alone. Use a sharp knife to cut the fruit along the wide side, dividing it into star-shaped slices that.

Carambola or star fruit is the fruit of the averrhoa carambola tree native to Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia. This fruit is commonly consumed in Southeast Asia, Oceania and East Asia. The carambolero is cultivated mainly.

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How do you eat it? How to introduce carambola in the kitchen. (0). homemania. The carambola or star fruit is an exotic fruit highly valued in the markets.

ᐈThe Carambola Fruit Healing Properties and Health Benefits

How to eat carambola Carambola is normally eaten when it is ripe, that is, when the fruit is dark yellow and the ridges.

Nutrition and health

The star fruit carambola also known as star fruit and many other names used in Latin America and Central America, is a fruit native to Indonesia and Malaysia, its cultivation has spread to other tropical countries with the necessary climate for its production, especially in the continents of Asia and America. The main producing countries of this fruit today are Thailand, India, Brazil, Colombia and Bolivia.

Size and weight Each fruit is small, with a characteristic length that ranges between 7 and 12 centimeters, although some specimens may be exempt from this rule and have a larger or smaller size, their weight per specimen does not exceed grams. The pulp is crunchy, with a soft texture and a yellow hue. Taste the pulp has very few seeds, in some cases no seeds, it is abundant, crunchy, juicy and with a fine bittersweet flavor, some people consider it similar to that of unripe cherries.

The leaves are distributed along the small branches of 8 to 18 cm in length each. Like fruits, it also produces flowers with 5 petals, small, rounded petals and a color between pink and lilac.

It contains a moderate amount of provitamin A, also known as beta-carotene, it is a form of vitamin A that is used by our body when it needs it, said vitamin is essential for vision, good skin, hair, mucous membranes, bones and for the proper functioning of the immune system.

As for minerals, its phosphorus and potassium content stands out, which help good muscle development, these are just some of the many benefits of carambola. It is a fruit with a very good flavor, which due to its low caloric intake is ideal for weight control diets, it also has laxative and anti-constipation properties. It is recommended for people with diabetes, hypertension and heart conditions.

Carambola Jam It is recommended to use the following amounts: 4 Cups of chopped and ripe star fruit. Zest of a green lemon. It is recommended to simmer all the ingredients for a period of 45 minutes or until the desired consistency is obtained, then let stand and store in the refrigerator. Some people prefer to cook the fruits before taking them to the blender, to give them a better consistency. Carambola Desserts There are a wide variety of options to make desserts with this fruit, most are based on caramelizing the slices, although there are those who have incorporated them into cakes, flan, jellies and have used the jam to fill candies and millefeuille.

When cooking with this fruit, its bold flavor makes millions of recipes possible. By the way, I recommend this article so you know what the properties of guava and its health benefits are. Dangerous fruit carambola After reading everything expressed above, you can believe that this fruit is perfect, an ideal option for health and nutrition, but it is not, it certainly has many positive functions but there are several reasons why this fruit should not be consumed in excess.

The carambola can have great health risks for people with kidney problems, whether mild or acute, this is due to a type of ingredient or substance called oxalates, in a fruit can be found from 80 to mg of oxalate salts, harmful in large amounts for kidney health. Among the symptoms that occur when infected by this toxin are exaggerated cases of hiccups and even seizures, which only in really serious cases can reach a coma.

The harmful effects of carambola can also be applied to cherry, pear and plum seeds only to the seeds, not to the pulp, it is harmless. Now you know that carambola fruit or star fruit, also known as star fruit, is a food with many health benefits but that it also carries some risks for a selective group of the population, I hope this article will help you when it comes to taking care of your health and that of their loved ones in regard to the consumption of carambola fruit.

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