Caring For An Iguana

7 Basic Care For Your Iguana

Supplement your food with calcium daily. The.

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The iguana is a very clean animal and we must help it stay healthy through good hygiene habits related to its habitat. We have.

Change the UVA/UVB light source every six months or at least once a year.

Increase humidity during moulting season.

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The temperature range to which they should be oscillates between 24ºC and 30ºC, with an optimal temperature of 28ºC. At no time of the year.

Keys to take care of an iguana

Responsible pet ownership. In them he carries out a good part of his day to day. The tail serves as a counterweight so as not to fall into the void. Let’s see how they spend them sensorially. Know what a pogona is. Iguana view is good. It is difficult to approach them without being aware of your presence, we are not going to surprise her unless she is asleep.

In the dorsal part of the head, that is, the area that looks at the sky, it presents this adaptation that is based on a sensory membrane. Not only iguanas have it, other species of saurians also have it. It offers additional information about events that occur on the reptile, such as possible birds of prey, clouds, rain or solar intensity. It is important that there is a good degree of humidity because otherwise, all these membranes dry out.

The sense of taste Some people believe that an insignificant lizard eats anything. Well no. Iguanas are animals that have their preferences like us. Not everyone likes the same thing, so it is easy to deduce that they have a developed sense of taste.

Their preferences are established during the juvenile stage. The perfect terrarium to give the best care to your lizard A fundamental part that you should know about the care of the iguana, is what type of terrarium they need. The necessary light for your well-being The sun gives us light and heat. Iguanas, as they are cold-blooded animals and need to sunbathe, must receive this contribution in some way.

Remember that the iguana is diurnal, it must have the light on during the day. UVB bulb They are very important in the care of the iguana. They serve to provide UVB rays. Thanks to them, your iguana can assimilate calcium through the synthesis of vitamin D3. This leads us to think that its use seems essential. Remember that you can buy it in specialized pet stores.

Heat bulb As with chicks, iguanas also need heat. They prefer the heat from above. If DIY is not your thing, you can buy the light screen. With two light programmers you can alternate both: daytime heat and nighttime heat.

Dimensions The care of the correct iguana, goes through proportional to the reptile a large terrarium. There are fans who keep them free at home, being careful with doors and windows. With giving them a point of heat, places to climb and a bathing area they are happy. As I told you, they are arboreal animals, they like to climb. The size of the terrarium so that the care of the iguana is perfect, is increased to 3 m high x 2 m wide x 2.5 m deep.

It can even suffer friction with the walls of the terrarium and get abrasions. Its adult size ranges from 1.50 m to 1.70 m although some specimens reach 2 m from head to tail. For this reason they need large terrariums. They need it for their skin, and body hydration. Provide your pet with a container large enough to fit their entire body without difficulty.

Watching them bathe is very curious. Necessary hygienic bedding I advise you to use coconut fiber. Retains moisture well and is digestible in the event of accidental ingestion. Avoid small stones or crusts that can cause health problems for your beloved exotic pet. The cleanliness of the hygienic bed is vital for health. It is also important to spray it regularly, if it can be daily better. Be careful not to flood the bottom of the terrarium. Feeding the iguana The care of the iguana goes through providing a balanced diet They are herbivores, although some sources mention that they can eat animal protein, I have never seen it.

There are plenty of fruits and vegetables that they can devour. Romaine lettuce.

Basic care for iguana