Carlota Lemon Cold Recipe

Carlota Lemon Cold

ml. juice.

raspberry tea

Carlota de Limón Recipe · 8 pcs lemons · 1 can condensed milk · 1 can evaporated milk · 1 package cream cheese · Zest of a lemon · 5.

2 packages of biscuits (each package has approx. 36 cookies).

1 can or box of evaporated milk (ml).

Easy Lemon Carlota WITHOUT OVEN | Authentic Mexican recipe

1 can of condensed milk (ml).

Recipe for Carlota de Limón Fría with Biscuits María

I thought of a traditional dessert that would not take me a whole day to make, that would be present in any Mexican kitchen and that would not have many ingredients. Well, now the Mexican thing came out and I got down to it. If there is nothing better than enjoying a slice of cake or a slice of lemon Carlota, as delicious as her own. If you can’t find it, you can substitute it with whipping cream and a small amount of normal milk.

So coming to a conclusion, the lemon Carlota is: a fusion of the Lemon Pie and the Charlotte Russe, putting the lemon mixture and the Charlotte cookies on the Pie. In Mexico, the Carlota is made in a glass refractory, usually rectangular, and the soleta is replaced by vanilla Maria cookies or any other flavor of this same brand, well, some ingredients also vary depending on the taste of each person, to the who don’t like lemon make it from fruit in syrup or from coffee.

I have been improving it until I find the exact point of the lemon cream, as I already told you, everyone does it to their liking. I make it in a removable medium round mold, I soak the biscuits in evaporated milk or normal milk so they don’t dry out and I put them in the refrigerator. Ingredients for the lemon Carlota ml.

of lemon juice 7 lemons approx. The second step is to add to the blender the full can of condensed milk, the cream cheese bar and half a can of evaporated milk, we mix it and while the blender continues to mix we will add the lemon juice little by little until it is slightly mixed. dense.

The third step is, once we have the mixture ready, in a container we will put the half can of evaporated milk that we have left over to soak the biscuits. The fourth step is to put the lemon Carlota in the freezer for about 4 hours so that the cream is firm and has a creamy consistency. When the 4 hours have passed we can take out the Carlota and decorate it with pieces of Maria biscuits and lemon zest.