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Natural Hair Dyes: How To Dye Your Hair At Home?

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Carrot red or orange hair is an original tone and Mix to get Carrot Red Hair: Zelos Color Cream Blonde Dye.

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One question, my hair color is yellow, what dye do I have to use to get this carrot color?. 2 mos Report.

Natural hair dyes: How to dye it at home?

Compare the differences between brown hair dye, chocolate hair dye and carrot hair dye before buying any product. Look at things like.

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Carrot Juice You can experiment with carrot juice if you want to give your hair a reddish or orange hue. This dye can last a couple of weeks depending on the natural color of your hair. Apply the mixture on your hair evenly. Rinse the dye with apple cider vinegar. You can repeat this process the next day if you feel the color doesn’t look red or orange enough for you.

Tip You can take advantage of this mixture at least once a week 2. Then it is enough to replace the carrot juice with beets. Apply the mixture to your hair and then wrap it with plastic wrap or a shower cap. Let it sit for an hour before rinsing with apple cider vinegar. You can also experiment with this dye once a week. Henna Natural henna is not only used to create beautiful temporary tattoos, but also to give hair a different shade.

It is an excellent vegetable color to intensify the natural color or cover gray hair. Henna dye comes from the plant with the same name. Mix slowly until a homogeneous paste is formed. Cover the mixture with plastic wrap and let it rest for 12 hours. Wash your hair without adding conditioner. Use a hair tie and apply coconut oil to the scalp near your forehead, this way the henna doesn’t stain your face. You can help yourself with a comb.

It is the best option to give it that Californian highlights effect, especially if your natural hair is light brown. Dyeing your hair with lemon is a bit tricky, because unlike other natural hair dyes, the results of lemon juice are permanent. To get rid of that coloration, you would have to cut off the lock of dyed hair.

To use lemon juice on your hair you must do the following: Pour some lemon juice into a spray bottle. Apply lemon juice to your hair in the areas you want to fade it. Use a comb to spread the juice evenly. You must do this procedure several times until you get the results you want.

Let this mixture sit on your hair for at least an hour and rinse with water. Sage is one of the natural ingredients that darkens brown hair and also helps cover gray hair. To use it you just need to do this: Let stand between a cup and a half cup of dried sage in a liter of boiling water for 30 minutes.

Let the water cool down and strain the sage. After you wash your hair and towel dry it, spread the sage water evenly and leave it on for as long as possible. Wait until your hair looks dark it can take up to 15 minutes minimum before rinsing it with water.

Chamomile tea Chamomile is a perfect ingredient for lightening hair. To use it you just have to do this: Let half a cup of chamomile rest in boiling water as if you were making a tea, but beware, not a bag, but natural chamomile. After at least an hour, let the water cool and strain the chamomile. The preparation is quite similar to other dyes made with infusions.

You must do the following: Prepare a concentrated tea with at least 3 or 5 bags of black tea or the equivalent in tea leaves. Bring it to a boil with two cups of water. After the tea looks quite dark, let it cool and pour the preparation on your hair after you wash it well. Don’t forget to apply a heat protectant before drying your hair. Avoid bathing in hot water. Use herbal or nourishing conditioners to avoid premature color stripping.