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In Memoriam Cartoon Network: Its Best Series

In memoriam Cartoon Network: its best series · –Two silly dogs. · -Dexter’s lab. · -The Super Chicks. · -Cow and Chicken. · -Johnny Bravo. -Ed, Edd and.

Yesterday we told you that with great surprise (and emotion) we had discovered that Cartoon Network’s trending series, "Time for.

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In memoriam Cartoon Network: its best series | Cactus

Cartoon Network, the international television channel for children, works with five Colombian studios in different projects or phases.

Is it too much to ask?

Less known than others and short-lived, it was the one that defined the style of the channel with the adventures of two nameless dogs, one fat and the other small, who experienced all kinds of mishaps due to their limited intelligence. The cornerstone of the chain in its beginnings was a series that has not been valued in its fair measure, at least by popular opinion. For the one who writes this, the work of Genndy Tartakovsky is still the best that has been broadcast on this channel. Genndy Tartakovsky paved the way and Craig McCracken continued it —with the help of the former— with this series about a group of big-headed heroines with adorable big eyes who spread shit left and right.

Those responsible knew how to twist the same scheme a thousand times —as Phineas and Ferb do today— by introducing all kinds of references from superhero comics to the Beatles. The best: his gallery of villains, especially the megalomaniac Mojo Jojo. Although the character of "That" was especially disconcerting in a supposedly children’s show, as were the sexual connotations of the character of Miss Bellum, so attractive that even the cartoonists could not honor her face.

The David Feiss series, in the opinion of a server, does not reach the height of the aforementioned series because it is too indebted to Ren and Stimpy, but its pilot episode, broadcast on the fundamental program What a Cartoon! For the memory remains its magnificent intro, which defines the logic of the show, the headless parents or the red devil that fulfills various roles, but, very especially, Supervaca and its wonderful «Spanglish» in the original version. A successful mix of two things as different as the adventures of Charlie Brown and Snoopy and the Looney Tunes.

John Dilworth is a crazy genius, something I can assure you after having met him in person at the Animadrid festival. However, its design and color have created a school among illustrators and I recognize their mastery in action scenes. Hyperactive, self-centered and a bad example for children, we can’t help but adore this endearing little blue ghost. And, despite its somewhat inappropriate exploitation by the channel, we keep a corner in our hearts for that lovable retard who goes by the name of Cheese.

Maxwell’s work Atoms was at once indebted to the styles of Tartakovsky and John Kricfalusi, but found its own niche in the macabre humor signaled by its title. I sing a mea culpa again because, despite having tried again and again, I can’t get excited about the creation of Pendleton Ward, which doesn’t prevent me from recognizing the charisma of characters like Finn, Jake or Marceline.

So to his fans I refer you to the article of one of my colleagues, where he also talks about Current Stories, another series that I like but it doesn’t fill me up.

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