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17 Nickelodeon Cartoons And Shows We Want Back

It seems that time flies and that we are getting older and older. That is why we listed those cartoons and series that we saw in.

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Animated[edit] Doug (August 11 – January 2) Rugrats (August 11 – August 1) The Ren & The Stimpy Show (August 11,.

Time Travel: We Remember the Best Nickelodeon Cartoons Rugrats Doug Rocket Power Rocko’s Modern Life The Beavers.

17 Nickelodeon Cartoons And Shows We Want Back |

Doug · 9. Rocko’s Modern Life · 8. Danny Phantom · 7. Avatar: The Legend of Aang 6. Invader Zim 5. Fairly OddParents 4. Ren & Stimpy · 3.

Son of Archangel

There are things in this life that are undeniable, and one of those is that in the 90s, many of us enjoyed good productions of both television series and cartoons. Based on the moment you were born, the productions you grow up with mark not only a story in your life, but in all those who belong to your generation. Our parents, for example, remember shows from the 70s or 80s, while we continue with the nostalgia of what we saw when we were children or teenagers.

Now, due to the cliché, or rather, due to the success of the recycling formula, many production companies have now decided to revive those projects that were left dusty in our memories. It’s a good formula, there’s no doubt about that, but the question is… if with all this new wave of formats, technology and actors, they manage to have a project as successful as the first.

Some of the reactions from the fans is that they should not move a story that has been seen on several occasions for years, others say that they hope that the new chapters are as good as the first. Hey Arnold!

A series that recounts the life of a nine-year-old boy who lives in the suburbs with ordinary problems at school, with his family and with the tenants who live in his house. The location is a fictional city located in Washington that mixes elements of places like Brooklyn, Seattle and even London.

Out of these came a film recounting Arnold’s attempts to save his neighborhood from construction companies. Although the tape was a flop, Nickelodeon broadcast it as if it were a special episode within its programming. Many years later, specifically 13, Nickelodeon released Hey Arnold! CatDog This production lasted from April to June by Peter Hannan, who is in charge of recounting the life of some non-identical Siamese brothers with one half that is a cat and the other is a dog.

Their adventures were according to everyday life and despite how complex the problems were, they were always victorious. Another thing that this series also did was that it presented certain nods to the new roles established in the decade of the Rugrats. Along with the Rugrats series came some movies. Rocko’s Modern Life This animated series created by Joe Murray was released in Its plot focused on a small wallaby named Rocko who lived in a city called O-Town with his dog Spunky and other characters.

He was an émigré from Australia and since his arrival in the United States, he had to deal with various problems. Since then it has been airing on Nickelodeon intermittently but in , the series announced its return during San Diego ComicCon. Doug An American series from the 90s that will surely bring back good memories. For seven seasons and episodes we saw this boy living various messes according to his adolescence.

The series was broadcast from a through Nickelodeon and Disney and Jumbo Pictures acquired the rights to create new episodes from that year until Sabrina, the teenage witch After giving life to Clarissa, Melissa Joan Hart became Sabrina, a teenage witch that she had a very hedonistic black cat, Salem, and some aunts who took care of her and her growing powers.

The first production of the teenage witch was made from and had a total of seven seasons that ended in The production house of the show was the ABC network but in Latin America it was broadcast through Nickelodeon and later, on Channel 5. Grumpy Beavers This animated series created by Mitch Schauer for Nickelodeon debuted on and was canceled amid controversy in November The premise was about two brothers, Norbert and Daggett, two little beavers who leave their home for the first time to learn to fend for themselves. themselves in the forest.

Real Monsters This animated series of 52 episodes with a duration of 22 minutes arrived on October 29 and ended on December 6 from Ickis, Krumm, Oblina and Gromble. Its premise was about some monsters in training who attend a school under a city dump.

There they learn to scare humans and in fact, several of the chapters focus on precisely how it is that due to their training assignments they rise to the surface to scare humans. In total, it had five seasons with 52 episodes in total that were broadcast through Nick de a. Its plot was about Ren, a neurotic Chihuahua dog, and Stimpy, a silly cat. He, in his attempt to control the universe, finds himself before an unknown planet and meets his nemesis, Dib.

To accompany him, Zim has his robot G. As they were constantly on the road, Nigel and Marianne took care of their two daughters in a somewhat peculiar way, since they had to self-learn everything and make their development work properly. However, Eliza had a great ability: she could speak and understand animals. The series was broadcast from September 1 to June 8, it had five seasons and 91 episodes that were broadcast on Nick.

Due to its popularity, there were two movies and a Rugrats crossover. The first two films were The Wild Thornberrys: The Origin of Donnie, which, as its name says, focused on the story of that wild child and what his life was like before he was adopted by Nigel and Marianne. Then, in the crossover, a story appears in which the babies look for the Thornberrys because Nigel is Tommy’s idol.

The story closely follows Jimmy, his dog Goddard, and their friends, family, and school in Retroville, Texas. Because he is a genius child, Jimmy lives inventing things in his laboratory, but in the end they give him several problems that he later has to solve. It’s Cindy, who is just as smart as he is and can’t stand his presumption. Rocket Power This television series began on August 16, and ended on July 30, Produced by the animation studio Klasky Csupo, which also created Rugrats, this production follows the adventures of a group of children who love extreme sports who live in Southern California where they surf, skate, skateboard, bike, and hockey.

Rocket Power had a total of four seasons and 71 episodes, which always had morals.

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