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“Yo Soy Betty, La Fea” Will Return To Mexico In 2022: When, Where And At What Time To Watch The Broadcast

Beatriz Pinzón has a degree in finance. She is very intelligent, but not attractive at all.

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Yo soy Betty la fea is one of the most famous Colombian soap operas and seen by Latinos. It currently remains in the top 10 of.

Cast[edit] · Ana María Orozco – Beatriz Aurora "Betty" Finch Solano · Jorge Enrique Abello – Armando Mendoza Sáenz · Natalia Ramírez – Marcela.


‘I am Betty, the ugly one’: these are the actors of the novel who have already passed away After 20 years of the famous production, several of its actors or.

One of the actors of the novel "I am Betty, the ugly one" dies – Prensa Libre

Actors and actresses ; Anna Maria Orozco. Character: Beatriz Aurora ‘Betty’ Pinzón Solano (Betty) ; Jorge Enrique Abello. Character: Armando Mendoza Sáenz; Natalie.

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Café con Aroma de Mujer: Criticisms about the new version of the Colombian success The series premiered in October and since its debut on the small screen has reaped many successes. She is an unattractive but intelligent woman who works for a fashion company called Ecomoda.

Since her success in Yo soy Betty la fea, she has dedicated herself to various roles in film and television. Currently, he has participated in film and theater productions. Natalia Ramírez — Marcela Valencia In the series she is the ex-fiancée of Armando Mendoza, the second of the Valencia brothers and the manager of the points of sale and shareholder of Ecomoda.

Currently, she is a mother, publicist, businesswoman, mentor and teacher. She is the staunch enemy of the Cuartel de las Feas. The Colombian has an extensive career on television and the big screen, as well as in plays. It was known as the Peliteñida. He currently has a vast career as an actor. After the end of the telenovela, he has dedicated himself to comedy and has a career as a standup guy.

She is active in television and novel productions in Colombia. He has currently made productions in Colombia and the United Kingdom.