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How Long Does a Cat’s Pregnancy Last?

The domestic cat, more commonly called cat, and colloquially pussycat, michino, michi, micho, mizo, miz, morroño or morrongo, and some other names, is a carnivorous mammal of the family Felidae. It is a subspecies.

Normally the gestation period is made up of just over 60 days and the limit for causing pregnancy is estimated at about 72 days. Yes.

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Gestation period of a cat Your kitten’s pregnancy is unique like her, which means that it can vary in its duration even from others that have.

When choosing a kitten formula for your pregnant cat, keep her preferences in mind, as cats and pregnancy are a time of change that must be.

How long does a cat’s pregnancy last?? | Feel Cats

How long does a cat’s pregnancy last? If your cat is pregnant, you should know that her pregnancy will last around 9 to 10 weeks, about two and a half months.

Her tummy is now a little plump. In general, the hormonal change produces alterations in behavior and may be accompanied by occasional vomiting. You must observe these changes, and take special care of them.

Hormonal change usually produces changes in behavior. Each cat reacts differently to these changes. In some cases it can be supplemented with extra vitamin supplements, but it is best to consult with the veterinarian. When it is time to deliver, it is possible that the sounds and meows increase. Labor can sometimes last for several hours.

Unwanted pregnancies in a cat Despite the fact that the birth of these kittens is always something beautiful, if they are cats that can be given a future with all the attention they deserve, the truth is that if they are strays, they are doomed to a hard life, with a very short life expectancy. To suffer from diseases, be attacked or run over, or even die from poisoning or poor nutrition.

Protectors and associations of animals that live the day-to-day reality and the problem of adoptions, warn to value these compelling reasons when making the decision to sterilize a cat. But we also have to take into account the positive effects on the health of females when sterilizing them.

Comments February 17, 22, , pm Hello, I have a 15-year-old adult cat who became pregnant and she is finished. It went perfectly. The pregnancy is 66 days old. At 64 days she had few contractions and lost a liquid but she didn’t even have a slight bleeding that she licks but she’s in good spirits and she eats well. It is normal that I have not had va in 66 days.