Cat Jealousy

Heat in Cats: A Hormonal Approach

What to do if my cat is in heat? · Soothe her with pampering and brushing · Give her a place to escape · Increase challenging playtime · Cleanliness, safety and.

The care of a pet during its period of heat must be controlled. What are the phases of heat in your cat and what care.

How can I tell if my cat is jealous?? · He distances himself and hides from the person from whom he did not separate. Stop eating or throw away the dishes.

Aphrodite The Goddess Of Love

The symptoms that a male cat in heat usually presents are basically: leaving samples of pee around the house (the "sexual pee" of the cat has a.

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The moment your kitten reaches puberty depends on several factors such as: the weight of the animal and its breed. Not all cats reach puberty at the same time, various factors are involved. Time also intervenes in their reproductive life. Behavior of a cat in heat Below I describe the unequivocal symptoms of a cat in heat. I remember with particular distaste how my pillow was wet when I went to sleep on a spring night.

Again resort to odoriferous marks to attract and revolutionize the cats in the area. Try to escape As if she were living in the House of Bernarda Alba, the cat goes in search of a handsome cat to calm her ardor. Acquires the position of intercourse or lordosis When you caress her back, your kitten bends her front legs and raises her tail, exposing her genitals, simulating the posture of intercourse. Kitten in heat with the typical mating position.

Play less Now your cat focuses a good part of her energy on being able to find who can fertilize those eggs that have cost her so much to produce and that carry inside her the information to make half a kitten. Lollipop resting after insistently seeking caresses in her first heat as an adult cat. Early castration makes all these symptoms disappear at the root.

Consult with your veterinarian to find out the optimal time to neuter your cat. It is not necessary that they breed I have consulted different veterinary friends in different courses on feline ethology and they all agree on the uncertainty of the myth that the cat must give birth at least once in her life. Think very well before crossing your cat. Remember that cat breeding is not a game. They are animals that are prone to being abandoned as they grow, causing problems in biodiversity or suffering abuse, mutilation and diseases such as leukemia themselves.

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