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Coexistence Of Rabbits With Other Species

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Coexistence of rabbits with other species – Tiendanimal

On the contrary, if it is the rabbit that enters the house in the presence of an adult cat, it is very easy for the cat to act on the basis of.

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This can be the difference between a peaceful and entertaining family life and the eternal torture of having to take care that a door is not left open and disaster strikes. This is no different when you have members of different species. Sometimes you have to get animals that in their natural state would be predator and prey to end up living together peacefully under the same roof.

This is not impossible, you just have to make the presentations with patience and caution and observe the attitude of each one to avoid aggression. However, there are many cases in which the roles are reversed and it is the rabbits who have a hard time bringing their feline companions. The problem arises when a rabbit gets scared and runs away from the cat, awakening its hunting instinct. That’s where you have to intervene. It is best to leave the rabbit in its cage, so that both can smell and get used to each other without risk.

Leave a box or house where you can hide and feel protected until you lose your fear. Under your supervision, leave the two together and allow them to sniff and observe each other. You should only intervene if you see any aggressive or threatening attitude. During the adaptation period, it is better to keep the cat’s nails short and thus avoid scratches that could end in abscesses.

It’s not uncommon for a rabbit and cat to get along from day one and you can skip using the crate. When in doubt, it is always better to delay things and not regret later. Coexistence of rabbits with dogs In this relationship everything depends, again, on the personality of the animals in question. Remember that it is always better to reward than to punish, so avoid situations in which the dog could become nervous and behave roughly with the rabbit.

It is convenient that he has his collar on, so that if he does something he shouldn’t, you can give him a little tug and tell him NO, and then reward him when he calms down. This correction is the same one used when training a dog to obey. You should always monitor their encounters very carefully for any signs of danger. The difference in size and strength between the two means that even a slightly rough game can be dangerous for the rabbit, even if the dog did not intend to attack it.

Coexistence of rabbits with children Nobody should be offended by including children here. It is that coexistence can be difficult when they are small and do not know how to treat their pet with delicacy. It is very important to teach children to respect animals, both for the safety of the pets and that of themselves. A rabbit that feels cornered can scratch and hurt or scare a little one; If this happens, it can be used to explain to the child what bothered the rabbit and that he should not do it again.

If the rabbit is usually loose around the house, it is advisable to leave its cage or another place to hide always available, so that if the game becomes very rough it has a place to take refuge. It is a good idea to allocate a special time of day for the game with the pet. Miriam Zazo Veterinary Technical Assistant specialized in canine ethology.

I combine my work collaborating as a volunteer in protectors, sanctuaries, reserves and any related event or activity. I have carried out various seminars and courses related to canine education, birds, primatology and a long etcetera. I enjoy learning every day from these incredible colleagues with whom we are lucky enough to live.