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What Is The Real Story That Inspired The Character Of Cayetana En Elite?

(better known as Cayetana or simply Caye) is a character from the second, third and fourth seasons of the Netflix Elite series.

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In she joined the cast of Netflix original Elite, playing Cayetana, the school cleaner’s daughter who is also on a scholarship there.

In Elite, the character of Cayetana, played by Georgina Amorós, is inspired by the ‘false heiress’ Anna Sorokin, a real case that.

Cayetana and Phillipe: The real-life people who inspired their characters in EliteSector Cinema

Netflix producers relied on a scammer to create the character of Cayetana de Elite · Who was Anna Sorokin, a young woman who inspired.

What is the true story of Cayetana’s character in Elite 4?

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