Celebrity News Without Clothes

Without Underwear, Demi Rose Heats Up The Nets Posing In A Low-cut Semi-transparent Dress

Without a doubt, Salma Hayek, the beautiful and intelligent Mexican actress, does not pass the years, because after her 54 years she continues to stand out with.

He experienced an embarrassing incident in the middle of a concert, he almost ran out of clothes Without a doubt, it was the greatest year of my career", express.

Celebrities walking the red carpet without underwear! Fiorella H. Eighth Sunday April 28, · pm.

Makeup On Droopy Eyelids

It is important to mention that this is not the first time that "the Princess of Pop" shares a scantily clad photo on her La.

Without clothes or makeup, this is how the singer Lady Gaga looks

Super sexy, but no makeup, no fancy lighting, no retouching, and no clothes. Let’s do it here, let’s do it now’, were his.

I am referring to Pablo Picasso and his painting “The young ladies of Avinyó Street” César Vereau Rosales 19 Sep, at Beautiful Renaissance paintings, thanks to these great painters. Paula Herraiz 25 Sep, at what a good suggestion Juan. Thanks a lot!! Reply Rogelio Miranda 02 Dec, at There is a difference between these artists and those of today is that previously they worked around the nude and now the nude is highlighted, I see that for the time it was risky to do them and very censored because religions ruled.

Paula Herraiz Jan 16, at thank you very much for your comment Rogelio. All the best! Paula Herraiz 13 Apr, at Thank you very much for your comment Drichar. Greetings and lots of art!! Fredymanjarrres 18 Dec, at Paula I have a painting of the naked lady can you help me to ecibitla micaela ten 08 Mar, at Maravillas the works of the great painters!!! Thanks a lot!!! Michaela Ten. Paula Herraiz 08 Mar, at Thanks for the comment.

César Villarreal 23 Jun, at Great truth Marcos! We keep it in mind to include it in the next update! A greeting and thanks for the input! Reply Tina 16 Mar, at Magnificent paintings! Thanks to the magic of technology, which does not allow you to admire so much beauty, without leaving home, something that, personally, I am very grateful for in this year of pandemic, instability, confinement, fear, and loss of life.

I agree that all those nude painters took risks in their time, going against the norms of the society in which they lived. we are very lucky. He chose art as his profession from an early age and learned figurative painting in his grandfather’s studio. For decades he dedicated himself to portraits, still lifes, landscapes and nudes. Gabino Cacho has always painted natural, with natural and natural light to obtain precision in his brushstrokes.

He also painted Black humor inspired by Goya’s paintings in Hungary for the year His art is an abstract reflection, that is, without correctly defining a figure, leaving the message to be transmitted to our discretion as viewers. César Villarreal 04 Feb, at Thank you very much for the contribution, Justin!

Greetings from Valencia! Reply cesar vereau rosales 25 Sep, at The Venus of Urbino, by Vecellio, in my opinion is one of the best, it is a triumphal entry of an artistic nude. Sara 05 Nov, at Without a doubt Cesar, a wonder. Reply Tamara silva 03 Mar, at Wo for me those paintings of the Venus are beautiful for me they are my favorites and exclusive they have a very good content excellent painting Reply Alfredo Elías Aranda Robles 29 Sep, at Without a doubt beautiful works of art, just like the beautiful models whose body was captured on the canvas.

They make you want to make love with them.