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This Is The True Story Of The Video Of The Monkey That ‘Stole’ A Girl

Chango on a motorcycle steals a girl Monkey Driving Mini Moto At Full Speed ​​Your Daily Ration Of Funny Fighting Changos

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The video of a monkey on a motorcycle recently went viral, however, El chango has a harness attached to his neck that.

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This is the true story of the video of the monkey that ‘stole’ a girl |

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The five best three-wheel scooters for a car license in 2022

Age is a fundamental aspect that defines the possibility of undertaking many tasks in our society throughout our lives. Let’s take the example of the age of majority, once established in Spain in 21 years until and now in This figure marks us the permission to vote in elections or to get your car license among an infinity of provisions that mark the laws. Therefore, you reach the age of 18 and you already have a basis on which to make decisions that you can only face from that moment.

If we return to the subject of the car license, you are already allowed to obtain a driving license to drive any type of car. Thus, from the outset, it seems like a small labyrinth, and it is. This served as initial learning for the vast majority of people who later, throughout their lives, continued to use two-wheeled vehicles with greater displacement and performance.

In the norm changed and from then until today you can only start driving a moped when you have turned 15. Matches the first step in the staggering of learning to drive motorcycles or scooters above 50cc mopeds. You can do it, but from with restrictions. In this way, the commercialization of sports motorcycles that achieve superior performance through a substantial reduction in weight is prevented.

An exception for the A2 license refers to three-wheel models. Yes there is one: tricycles. The situation dictated by the norm is anomalous to surreal limits. Paradoxical and irritating. On the one hand, it is the minimum age at which a car user can drive a cc motorcycle or scooter of up to 15 CV without any additional license. Anyone can do it as long as they have been in possession of the B car license for at least three years.