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VIDEO: Formula 1 Driver Plants His Girlfriend 25 Minutes For A Game

Charles Leclerc belongs to that generation of millennials capable of abstracting from the world when they play a video game.

Charles Leclerc lived a little peculiar moment with his girlfriend during the virtual race this Saturday. The Monegasque, Ferrari driver of the.

Charles Leclerc was in a virtual game when everything happened: his girlfriend, Charlotte Sine, had to write to him through the.

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Charles Leclerc kisses his girlfriend, Charlotte Sine (Photo: Charles Leclerc, Formula 1 driver, can not hide the great.

VIDEO: Formula 1 driver plants his girlfriend for 25 minutes for a game ― CodigoEsports

Charles Leclerc, girlfriend, diet, hobbies: all the trivia. #NewsSport #FORMULA1. Charles Leclerc Indeed.

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This is the case of Kun Agüero, who plays almost everything. Of course, the Monegasque, as a good gamer that he is, even has a Twitch channel, and through him he told an anecdote to place it among the best of the year, or at least that it goes to the podium. Charles Leclerc and his girlfriend, Charlotte Sine. With headphones on, he turned and accelerated while talking to his followers on the net.

He was so focused that he didn’t realize his girlfriend, Charlotte Sine, was ringing the bell and knocking on the apartment door. Leclerc played and played… Read also: Dragon Ball FighterZ: See the power of Goku Ultra Instinct in his new trailer Until -he shows the video-, the pilot is surprised by a message: it was his girlfriend, who should have subscribed to the Twitch channel to let him know that he was waiting at the door… Anyway, Leclerc gets up, opens it and then tells the story.

Stream Summary: My girlfriend had to buy a subscription to my Twitch channel so she could ask me in channel chat if I could open our apartment door for her. She had to wait 25 minutes on the stairs because I couldn’t hear the phone. He had his headphones on and was very focused on a rally race. It may interest you.

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