Charlotte Oreo

Easy Chocolate Oreo Cake (No Bake)

Ingredients · 4 packets of Oreo cookies · 2 Philadelphia cheese · 1 dairy · 1 teaspoon vanilla.

Oreo cookie Charlotte, filled with cream cheese and white chocolate!! (without oven). Prepare this delicious cold dessert with oreo cookies.

Lemon charlotte recipe that can be served as a cold dessert with Oreo cookie.

Carlota de Oreo Recipe by Sara Rojas. Ingredients. snacks. 30 Oreos. Dairy products. g cream cheese. Others. 60g R condensed milk.

Oreo cheesecake without oven, delicious and easy to make Easy Recipes

may – easy and no oven! This Carlota recipe with Oreo cookies has the best combination if you are a lover of these two sinful desserts.

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{Easy Chocolate Oreo Cake}

If there is a bottom layer this is often a crust or base made of crushed cookies, cakes or biscuits. There are two types of Cheesecake: baked or refrigerated. A bit of history The Cheesecake or Cheesecake as we know it today dates back years before the current era in Ancient Greece, specifically on the island of Samos. This cake was considered a real source of energy and was the special food of the first athletes of the Olympic Games in the year to.

C, although it was not until the year d. C when the authorship of the first recipe was attributed to the writer Ateneo, where the crushed cheese was simply heated with honey and flour, then allowed to cool and served. A recipe that was modified and renamed by the Romans, who added eggs, baked it between hot bricks and gave it the name of libuma. Ingredients Oreo cheesecake without oven For the base: 36 to 40 Oreo cookies separate the filling from the cookies and reserve 80 gr.

For the filling: gr. Oreo cookie filling. To decorate: 6 or 8 whole Oreo cookies, that is, with their cream A little of the crushed cookies. Preparation Oreo Cheesecake without oven For the base: Place the cookies in a bag that you can close and with the help of a rolling pin crush all the cookies very well until they are almost like powder. Melt the butter in the microwave or in a water bath and then add this liquid to the previously crushed cookies.

Mix very well so that all the biscuit is moistened. Place this mixture inside the mold and press until you get a flat and uniform surface. Place the mold in the fridge while you prepare the filling. Once this step is done, remove from the heat and add the gelatin. Mix until completely dissolved. In another container and with a hand mixer, break the texture of the cream cheese or whatever you have chosen. In a separate container and with an electric mixer, whip the cream.

Combine the cream with the cheese and the milk mixture until you obtain a homogeneous mixture. Finally, add the juice or orange juice and the orange zest. For the assembly: Place the mixture of cheese, milk and cream on the biscuit base and level the surface.

Take the Cheesecake to the fridge for about 4 to 6 hours until it hardens. No Bake Oreo Cheesecake Nutritional Information Approximate Calories Per Serving of Cheesecake: Calories Kcal.