Chayanne Current

Chayanne™. Pop music icon performer, Singer, Actor, Dancer, Songwriter, Producer #chayanne @chayanne

On the right, in a current G3 and Ig. The Puerto Rican singer celebrates life, while preparing a world tour of a year and a half.

Elmer Figueroa Arce (Río Piedras, Puerto Rico; June 28), known as Chayanne, (currently Sony Music) and records his first self-titled album Chayanne ‘

A few days after turning 53, this is what Chayanne currently looks like. The famous Latin singer boasts a figure that dazzles every time he appears.

The singer Chayanne thanked the young man with Korean roots for interpreting his song in Spanish and causing the astonishment of his fans. Watch the full viral video here.

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Chayanne – Choka Choka (Official Music Video) ft. Ozuna