Chayote What Is It For?

Benefits Of Eating Chayote That You Have To Know

Excellent source of fiber, vitamin B2, iron and potassium. Ideal.

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Thanks to the large amount of antioxidants, chayote helps prevent some types of cancer. Being a vegetable with high levels of fiber, it serves to. › /02 › the-power-of-chayote.

Chayote is a vegetable that helps regulate cholesterol, glucose and strengthens defenses.

Chayote: know all the benefits it offers you

Contributes to the health benefit of people with cholesterol, being low in calories and high in nutrients. It has properties.

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Despite being a vegetable that does not have a particular flavor, its benefits and properties could make you consider integrating chayote into your daily diet. Helps improve metabolism, since it has high levels of zinc, which helps form enzymes that accelerate the speed of chemical reactions and processes in the human body.

Chayote is a vegetable rich in vitamin B2 and iron, which stimulate the production of red blood cells, helping to balance iron levels in the blood, preventing anemia. Regular consumption of chayote helps reduce the chances of suffering strokes and hypertension, since its soluble fibers help improve blood circulation, fighting bad LDL cholesterol. Similarly, it helps eliminate constipation and facilitates the digestive task.

It is recommended to consume the chayote baked or boiled, but never fried or battered, since the fat limits the use of nutrients. To prepare this mask you need half a chayote and a teaspoon of olive oil. You must mix, crush or mash the chayote while slowly adding the oil. Once you have the mixture, you must form a layer on your face and let it rest for 30 minutes to an hour.

You can remove the mask with plenty of warm water and dry the excess water with a clean towel. For this mask you will need half a chayote and the juice of half a lemon. The result should be similar to that of a paste. After 30 minutes you should remove the mask with plenty of water, drying the excess water with a clean towel.

You can accompany this mask with a moisturizing cream at the end of each application. It is very important to use this mask at night, since excessive use of lemon juice during the day can cause spots on the skin. Nallely Pérez I am a Cardiologist with 15 years of experience. During all this time I have confirmed the importance of informing patients and making them aware of the diseases they can develop. I am a graduate of UNAM and I also have studies abroad that support my professional career.

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