Chest Exercises

Top 10 Chest Exercises For Women

The 10 best exercises for your chest training · 1- Warm-up with resistance band · 2- Dumbbells against the chest · 3- Press of.

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Discover 7 low, medium and high intensity dumbbell chest exercises to create a pec workout routine that suits you.

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Exercises for a pectoral of steel · Push-ups (‘Push up’) · Push-ups with support on the wall · Push-ups with supported knees · Push-ups.

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7 exercises to lift the chest that you should know Dumbbells lying down. Find a table, bench, or surface where you can lie on your back with your.

Top 10 chest exercises for women

Are you looking for a chest workout to gain muscle mass and increase your strength?? Well, you’re in luck, because we bring you one.

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Top 10 chest exercises for women

For that you need to add a few specific exercises to your training routine. You must take care of the technique The exercises are: Bench press with bar You must lie on the bench, with your back well supported and your feet planted on the ground.

Use a full grip, wrapping your fingers around the bar, and slowly lower until you reach your chest lightly. Press bar to come up, fully extending elbows. Take a pause and repeat. Sit with your feet flat on the floor, shoulder-width apart, and your back pressed against the backrest. Raise and bend your elbows 75 to 90 degrees at shoulder level and place them on the pads at the "at" of the apparatus.

Slowly push towards the center until the arms are about to touch. Reverse the movement, return to the starting position and repeat. Start with your feet hip-width apart, placing your feet in a staggered stance, with a big stride. Slowly bring your hands together with your arms almost fully extended, moving first down and then in to make an arch.

Come back slowly and repeat.