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The decisions of the firefighters, rescue teams and paramedics of Fire Station 51 make the difference between life and death. But that is not the only thing, a great family is also created among the team members. Directed by the.

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Producer Dick Wolf considers releasing ‘Chicago Law’ after creating ‘Chicago Fire’, ‘Chicago PD’ and ‘Chicago Med’. Horizontal.

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Principals[edit] · Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) He is a firefighter and captain of truck 81 at station no. · Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) He is a firefighter and lieutenant of the.

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Actors and actresses ; Jesse Spencer. Character: Matthew Casey; Taylor Kinney. Character: Kelly Severide; charlie barnett. Character: Peter Mills; monica.

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Actors and actresses ; Jesse Spencer. Character: Matthew Casey; Taylor Kinney. Character: Kelly Severide; David Eiberg. Character: Christopher Hermann.

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However, firefighters can offer intense emotions not only in their missions, but also in the way their work ends up affecting their private lives. That’s where Chicago Fire comes into play. These are, in fact, 7 reasons to watch Chicago Fire. Source: AXN In each episode of the series there is an incident attended by firefighters and paramedics from the station.

That incident has certain consequences, and generates some plots, which are closed in the episode, but which serve for the characters to evolve and develop an arc for the entire season. Characters that hook Chicago Fire is, above all, a series of characters. Along with them, chief Boden Eamonn Walker, paramedic Gabby Dawson Monica Raymund and senior firefighter Herrmann David Eigenberg are some of the main characters, but in each season there are also quite a few recurring ones that expand the world in which they all move.

A world, by the way, that is part of the unified universe of Chicago series created by Dick Wolf together with Chicago PD and Chicago Med, with which there are often crossovers and characters that pass from one to another. At first, it was not a pairing that the writers were spending time on, but the ship, as fans call support for two characters ending up together, appeared as the episodes went by. Now, it is the consolidated couple of the series, although it does not get rid of its problems or that the work sometimes causes discussions and tensions between them.

Viewers’ interest in them, however, has not diminished. It is rare that we see them working in other cities like Chicago, an equally large city with its own idiosyncrasies. Station 51, for example, is an actual building on South Blue Island Avenue, near the University of Illinois city campus. Learning to handle these situations is one of the important aspects in the formation of all characters.

And firefighters and paramedics also meet people in very difficult situations and who need help. Offering it to him is not part of his job, but it is not always possible to remain 100% professional. And they are one of the favorite characters of the fans, as happened with Leslie Shay and continues to happen with Gabby Dawson, a paramedic who is now a firefighter on an equal footing with her colleagues.

Both are going to be important in these new episodes. In this new season, the actors Steven R.