Children Of Luis Miguel 2022

This is how the voice of one of the children of Luis Miguel and Aracely Arámbula sounds

Luis Miguel has three children: a daughter with fellow singer Stephanie Salas and two more with actress Aracely Arámbula.

According to information from Pous, the singer has failed to comply with his paternity obligations so far this year and the entire

Luis Miguel has had a very bad relationship with all his children, he shared a couple of photos of his little one who turned 13 in the

Three are the children of the Mexican singer Luis Miguel. The first of them is Michelle, 31, who was born after the first.

That’s how big the children of Luis Miguel are

According to the Mexican press, between and Luis Miguel irregularly fulfilled his responsibilities and between and has not.

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The sons of Luis Miguel

The first of them is Michelle, 31, who was born after the first marriage of the singer also known as the "Sol de México" with the Mexican singer and actress, Stephanie Salas. In fact, it was when Michele Salas herself went out to confirm to the media that she was the daughter of Luis Miguel. In that interview, she asked not to be pitied for being the unrecognized daughter of Luis Miguel. Just in , the singer formalized the papers to recognize his paternity.

In the second season of Luis Miguel, the Netflix series, this character takes on an important role since some features of the father-daughter relationship are shown. Who interprets her is the model and actress Macarena Achaga, who was inspired by her own experiences of adolescence and what she supposes Michelle lived, to interpret the story.

The male children of Luis Miguel With his other two children the story is a little different. They are Miguel 14 years old and Daniel 12 years old and with them the singer shared a lot, at least during the first years. In fact, it is said that it is thanks to this that the voice of "The Unconditional" approached her eldest daughter.

Here, photos of Luis Miguel with his older son, also called Miguel.