Children Of Wanda And Vision

Who Are The Children Of Wanda And Vision And What Will Be Their Importance?

When “WandaVision” arrived on Disney Plus, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) received with great joy the introduction of Billy and Tommy, the.

She fell in love with the Synthezoid, Vision, but due to their artificial nature they were unable to have children. He used his reality-altering powers to. › fame › wandavision-what-happened-with-exactly-with-.

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In the series the babies are named Tommy (a typical North American name) and Billy (in honor of Willian Shakespiare). These kids apparently.

What will happen to the twins of the Scarlet Witch and Vision?

The children of Wanda and Vision, Tommy and Billy, are right now the key to unlock the meaning of the series: if they are alive, they are likely to.

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But the audience and Wanda herself suspect that not everything is as it seems. A detail that had already been confirmed in the various previews of the series. Thor: Love and thunder. Because they will love their children unconditionally, despite everything. Both series director Matt Shakman and Kevin Feige have already announced that Scarlet Witch and Vision take a lot of inspiration from the comics.

So several things could happen with the children of Wanda and Vision. Warning of possible spoilers of the series. These become part of the Young Avengers and maintain some relationship with the Scarlet Witch. Taking into account some of the details of the series, the twins would be another invention of the Scarlet Witch.

In a similar way to Vision and the whole world that Wanda would have created after the events of Endgame. Marvel Iman Vellani.