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Chocolate Keratin: A Delight for Your Hair, how is it applied?? chocolate keratin. Cocochoco Professional Gold Premium Keratin – Hair treatment, ml. 4.2 out of 5 stars

The main function of this chocolate keratin for hair is hair recovery, it is almost similar, it has a close relationship with Brazilian straightening.

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Chocolate Keratin: A delight for your hair, how is it applied??

How is chocolate keratin done?? 1- Wash your hair with a shampoo. 2- Untangle the hair. · 3- The hair is divided into strands and applied.

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Smoothes and improves the structure of the hair.

As time goes by, your hair loses some of its main compounds. The result is that your hair is frizzy, dry and brittle. Chocolate keratin is ideal for you. It is a treatment designed to return all its compounds to your hair so that it is healthy and strong. Advertisements Advertisements One of the greatest benefits of the treatment is that it does not contain formalin formaldehyde. Formalin is a substance that is very harmful to health. We have already talked about it here.

Can be done on all types of hair. As with all hair treatments, some hair will notice a greater difference from its initial state. Ads It is highly recommended for hair with a lot of curl and medium to thick texture.

The application process is very similar to other treatments with similar characteristics. It is important to remove all types of residue or accumulation of other products that may be in the hair so that they do not interfere with the treatment. After washing, some non-straight hair gets tangled. To carry out the treatment properly, it is necessary to carefully untangle the hair. Advertisements Advertisements 3- The hair is divided into strands and the keratin is applied.

It is not necessary to apply the product from the scalp. You can leave half a cm and start applying from there. the heat plate. For each section of hair we pass the heat iron between 4 or 5 times. The function of the heat iron is to fix the keratin in the hair cuticle.

The entire application process can take between two and two and a half hours. It all depends on your hair and its length. Because we find ourselves with very tangled hair and we have to work for a long time until we can untangle it.

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