Viral Test: The Mandala You Choose Will Define What Comes To You In The Future

disambiguation icon Similar Entries: escojás present subjunctive to choose. Usage: it is also used for the negative imperative: "don’t choose".

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Verb ; (transitive) to ; choose, ; select, ; pick. I choose the second option.‎ I choose the second option.‎.

Definition of escojas in the Spanish online dictionary. Meaning of you choose dictionary. translate you choose meaning you choose translation of you choose.

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Choose is a conjugation of the verb choose. Learn how to conjugate choose.

Viral test: the mandala you choose will define what comes to you in the future

choose [es-co-jas] – It is a conjugation of the verb choose. If you wish, you can consult the complete conjugation of the verb to choose.

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Find out what the future holds with this personality test Photo: Facebook. A viral test is a fun challenge that can give us some clues about our personality, even some parts that we are not aware of. The following photograph shows six mandalas, each with a different color and pattern. It’s not worth blinking and regretting later. Pay attention, take note of the answers below. viral test. Pay attention. The person who chooses the first mandala strives to constantly find the right actions, but at the same time not to lose the benefits.

They set goals and do everything possible to achieve them. People who choose the second mandala describe themselves as honest people. Seeking the truth is the greatest virtue of these people. are consistent. These sensitive people put other people’s needs before their own. They strive to continually expand their world view by devoting every spare minute to learning.

They have a lively and educated imagination that helps them create perfect works of art. Through creativity, they express their true vision of life. Those who choose this mandala are self-confident people who know how to get what they want from life. They know the path to personal growth and self-development, because you always trust yourself and are clear about the things you expect from it.

You like to go alone through life, but always knowing that you have people to lean on. A mandala is a structure that is organized around a concentric point. From this emanates everything that you want to represent or with everything that you want to connect in its realization. These pieces are quite curious because in reality, the mandala does not have an artistic purpose in itself. In fact, they are not usually kept once they are finished.